Celo Governance Call #40 | Jan 24th, 2024

The next Governance Call #40 is scheduled for January 24th, 2024.

To add topics to the agenda, post a comment below or visit the Github repo

Governance Call Information

  • Date: January 24th, 2024
  • Time: 8:30 am PT / 11:30 am ET / 4:30 pm UTC. (45 minutes max)
  • Location: Register on Luma
  • Add to your Google Calendar: Celo Signal

Call Recording

Will be shared after the meeting


Governance Editors

Proposals for Discussion

Crowdsourced on the forum and Github prior to the meeting

Other Discussions and Q&A

Open discussion and questions

All are welcome to attend!
cc: Governance Working Group @Pinotio.com @willkraft @ebeth @CalicoKittencat @ericnakagawa


Hi @juanjgiraldoc - thanks for organizing an extra Governance Call. I sadly missed last week’s call due to not having the Call on my agenda.

I would love to present the Celo Governance Guidelines and Public Goods Funding Strategy H1 2024 tomorrow and answer any questions. I will also produce a final FAQ before going to vote.


hi @juanjgiraldoc i’d like to present Invitation to invest in bringing climate solutions to sub-saharan africa - #4 by Xolutionist during the Community call to take questions and opinions.

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hi @juanjgiraldoc would love to present [DRAFT] Celo Pacific Initiative - #6 by mitchelle during the Community call today

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@juanjgiraldoc @LuukDAO, why the urgency? Announcing a governance call to discuss such a significant proposal only a day in advance, instead of on Friday, is unacceptable. It does not encourage community participation in discussions about Celo governance and frankly, it looks bad. Unfortunately, I can’t attend on such short notice, but I hope you can record the call and still address the points I raised in the discussion thread.

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Unfortunately, I can also not attend due to the short notice of this call. I would like to receive the notes on what was discussed and still believe a proper call/meeting should be scheduled with the attendance of @eladmin and more to have space for dialogue around the recent Celo Governance proposal. Looking forward to another or the regular call date @juanjgiraldoc @LuukDAO .

Bless Airu

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Hi Elad, we mentioned rescheduling on the last call on Friday last week that we would be rescheduling this or next week. Due to CGP editor schedules this was the only suitable time.

I’ll take fault for not getting word out faster due to issues scheduling Luma and Google Calendar, and adding to appropriate community calendars.

This call will be recorded. Please review, and if you feel more questions need answering then we can discuss another call.

Hello everyone,

Sorry for last minute announcement of the call. I know it was a little bit rushed.
Agree with you @eladmin but the necessity of this call was due to the impossibility of @LuukDAO to present the proposal last call and due to a lot of interactions and questions expected in his proposal this governance Call are gonna be held only to present this proposal.

For this reason @Airu @mitchelle @Xolutionist is not posible you can present proposals in this call, but you will have the possibility to schedule your proposals for the next Regular Governance Call.

Record of the call and notes will be posted later as normally we did at the CGP table on Github.