[DRAFT] Celo Pacific Initiative

Hello Community, i’ve incorporated some changes to reflect opinions of some members of the community. please do spare some time to read and kindly give feedback.
one of the paramount change is we’re changing name from pacific to oceania region as pacific region was way too broad and celo community comprises different regions that have different opinions as to what the pacific truly covers.

I’m Mitchelle, a New Zealander and blockchain enthusiast, was active in the nouns ecosystem for 2 years and contributed to its ecosystem growth. Currently serving as regional adviser to samoan government for Oceania Blockchain Special Economic Zone.


  • This proposal is primarily to get support in bringing awareness of everything celo has to offer to the oceania. This initiative aims at ensuring that the full spectrum of Celo-supported initiatives benefit reaches individuals and businesses, especially those in need of financial assistance & inclusivity across the oceania.
  • Further more, This proposal presents a strategic initiative aimed at equipping emerging developers with the skills and knowledge required to actively contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the global blockchain ecosystem, with a focus on building on Celo.
  • To have a grounded and solid base for operations and a pilot framework to utilize consequently, We will focus for our first milestone on all English speaking regions within oceania, 2nd milestone will be on university impact which will give us access into other countries and territories in the oceanic region then for our third milestone will be strategic focus on penetrating other countries and territories within the oceanic region.
  • We seek 84,000cUSD to kickstart & bring this project to fruition and upon successful achievement of first milestone, we’ll request for follow up funding with detailed report & proposal to complete 2nd and 3rd milestone consequently.
  • We are a dedicated team of women committed to fostering inclusivity and empowerment actively striving to ensure that a minimum of 30% of those we engage with and uplift are women all In relentless pursuit of gender equality.

Requested Funding milestone: $84,000 equivalent to 168,000 CELO (est 1 CELO = $0.5)


  • Pelagia – Community Lead / Operations, Celo Ambassador New Zealand
  • Mitchelle Oyebola - Lead, Technical Advisor
  • Chidimma – Strategy, Commercial & Marketing lead, Celo Ambassador
  • TBD – Regional manager

According to a company’s 2021 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report, the Central and Southern Asia and Oceania (CSAO) region is the fourth-largest global cryptocurrency market. The region accounted for ~14% of all cryptocurrency value transacted between July 2020 and June 2021. In addition, transaction activity within the CSAO region grew by 706% compared with the previous year in terms of raw value.

In a press release, Chainalysis country manager for Australia and New Zealand Todd Lenfield commented: “The Pacific region is quickly becoming a centre for cryptocurrency innovation. Our increased investment in the region will ensure businesses and governments can explore digital asset ecosystems in a safe, compliant manner.”


Oceania is a growing region with a market not deeply exploited. in 2021, Chainalysis and binance opened operations base here & Many other corporations are doing likewise.

There’s currently no active celo Community within this region, and hardly any participants from this region participating in celo protocols like prezenti or celo camp, or even contributing to growth of ecosystem in building on celo etc

Celo is already home to so many amazing dUtilities/dApps that could alleviate poverty in underdeveloped communities and materialize financial inclusion exposing these regions to the next way of operations…the decentralized way.

This is an opportunity for celo to boost user activity of its dApps and increase onchain transactions/activity on celo in Quite possibly the least studied region on earth. must we add that millions of dollars trade in transactions within this very small region.

We want to expose all the amazing benefits of building on celo and exposing celo dapps and projects to the countries within the oceania and see how utilizing celo based projects could encourage growth and development in the regions.

Bringing awareness of celo protocols to these islanders should in turn increase user activity of our dapps and projects and generally celo protocol.

Many of these communities go through a lot of hardship and witness some significant challenges with centralized payment means. Assistance in gaining loans and resources through some of celo projects could boost operations and sooner eradicate poverty ushering in unprecedented business growth and community development.

“New Zealand is an exciting market with a strong history of fintech innovation,” said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

The reason we’re targeting these markets is that there is a large population of people who are unbanked or underbanked, and don’t have the same access to financial products like you and I do

While the world has made fast and distant progress into the future of digital world through web3, some of the communities in these countries are way behind and lack financial backing to explore their inner creativity. We aim to facilitate them with the necessary tools to learn and build on the celo, pushing the Celo web3 stack and incubating them into the ecosystem

Which countries are categorized under oceania region:

  • Australia
  • Fiji
  • Kiribati
  • Marshall Islands
  • Micronesia
  • Nauru
  • New Zealand
  • Palau
  • Papua New Guinea PNG
  • Samoa
  • Solomon Islands
  • Tonga
  • Tuvalu
  • Vanuatu

Other territories within close proximity and falls inside our adoption plan.

  • New Caledonia (French territory):
    • Nouméa (capital city)
  • French Polynesia (overseas collectivity of France):
    • Papeete (capital city)
  • Guam (U.S. territory):
    • Hagåtña (capital city)


  1. To spread awareness about the Celo protocol and increase its adoption. Celo oceania will focus resources on driving awareness, access & adoption of CELO protocol, projects/ dapps amongst locals & institutions within oceania. our ultimate goal is to drive more on-chain activity to the Celo Network.


  • Local Community Connect & onboarding:
  • Forge partnerships with local nonprofits and associations to create access points for individuals in underserved communities.
  • Education Incentives:
  • Design an incentivization model that rewards users for engaging with educational content, adopting Celo services and sharing to colleagues and neighbors
  • Tailored Content Creation:
  • Develop intuitive guides, visually appealing content, and straightforward explainer videos tailored to different demographics.
  • Driving visitation of non-devs to our webpage and driving daily engagement & utilization of celo dApps and tools to solve challenges in their business

**Budget ** Amount ($)

Description Cost
I. Tailored Content Creation
Content Creation Team 5,000
Video Production 3,000
Visual Design 1,000
II. Local Community Connect
Partnership Outreach 10,000
Workshop and Webinar Organization 7,000
III. Education Incentives
Incentive Program Development 3,000
Rewards and Benefits 5,000

Success Metrics:

  • 30+ referred projects for Celo Camp/prezenti and other ecosystem programs
  • 500 valora wallets activation
  • 300 Participants across the whole region
  • 15% downloading Contract Kit
  • 100K+ views on web3 media
  1. CELO oceania will also focus on growing the CELO community within oceania and guide them through the ecosystem relying on existing resources and creating materials for localized regions


  • Empowerment Outreach through Community set-up:
  • Create channels for users to easily seek assistance and advice, fostering a supportive and responsive community.
  • User-Friendly Resource Hub:
  • Establish a user-centric online hub, offering clear, step-by-step guides, case studies, and interactive tools and projects on celo.

**Budget ** Amount ($)

Description Cost
IV. Empowerment Outreach through Community Set-up
Community Support Platform 5,000
User Engagement Initiatives 5,000
V. User-Friendly Resource Hub
Website Development 3,000

Success metrics:

  • 2000 new followers across all social media platforms
  • 2 Twitter Spaces per Week
  • 4 Instagram Lives per week
  • 20 Social Posts (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) per Week
  • 2 Community Meetups per Month per active market
  • Reach of the Celo oceania website ~3k website visitors monthly

We’ll also set up specific website trackers for key activities.

  1. Thirdly, help nurture the next cohort of great builders/talents on Web3 through university outreaches & hackathons.

The primary objective is to support individuals and projects that are interested in building on Celo.


  • Workshops and Hackathons:

  • Hosting engaging workshops and hackathons in key cities

  • Digital Campaign Diversification:

  • Launch engaging digital campaigns across platforms, utilizing targeted messaging to reach potential users & builders.

**Budget ** Amount ($)

Description Cost
VI. Workshops and Hackathons
Venue Rentals, Logistics, and Prizes 15,000
VII. Digital Campaign Diversification
Ad Campaigns 6,000
Social Media Collaborations 4,000

Success metrics:

  • 3 hackathons in oceania
  • 50 hackathon participants per each hackathon
  • 10 submissions per each hackathon
Description Cost
Logistics - traveling 7000
legal, Tooling, Administrative fees and other miscellaneous 5000

Grand Total Budget 84,000

Enhancing Celo’s Impact through University Outreach:

The Celo Pacific is committed to fostering innovation and knowledge within the blockchain ecosystem, with a particular focus on universities. This proposal outlines an initiative to engage universities across the Pacific region, encouraging student developers to explore and contribute to the Celo ecosystem. By partnering with universities, we aim to cultivate a community of talented developers and innovators who can drive the growth of Web3 technologies within the region.

Focus Area : University Programs and Outreach
Key Deliverables:

  • University Events:
    • Organize 1 university event per country per month.
    • Establish Celo University clubs within 5 universities.
    • Onboard at least 5 developers from universities each month.
  • Community Participation:
    • Ensure active participation of 150 attendees in each university event.
    • Achieve a minimum of 75 downloads of Celo Wallets per month.
    • Garner at least 100 social media followers each month.
  • Diversity and Inclusion:
    • Strive for over 30% women’s participation across all university events.
      Success Criteria Milestone 2::
  • Activation of 10 Celo University clubs
  • Monthly onboarding of 25 developers from universities.
  • Participation of 150 attendees in each university event.
  • A minimum of 75 Celo Wallet downloads monthly.
  • At least 100 social media followers each month.
  • More than 30% women’s participation across all university events.

General Success metrics:

  • Successful launch of territory-specific tailored content with a minimum of 20,000 cumulative views/downloads within the first six months.
  • Collaborate with at least two local nonprofits or associations per territory for partnership outreach.
  • Achieve a total of 50,000 impressions across all digital campaigns in the targeted territories, showcasing the program’s impact.
  • Host at least 10 well-attended local workshops and webinars in each territory, reaching diverse audiences.
  • Accumulate 7,000 visits to the online resource hub from users in the targeted territories, showcasing its value.
  • Maintain a user satisfaction rate of 80% or higher in each territory through responsive and helpful support channels.
  • Attract a minimum of 300 users in each territory to actively participate in educational incentive programs.
  • Attendance of 800+ people on meetups/classes & upload recordings
  • Gender focus: ensure that no less than 30% of all those reached, onboarded and empowered are females.

Transparency & Progress Report

Team Budget Overview - $18,000

Monthly Updates

Monthly Updates
We are committed to providing monthly updates on our progress. Our success will be measured through quarterly reports tracking the progress in various focus areas. The following template outlines our budget allocation.

Duration/wage Amount Spend Owner Notes
(2 hrs/day - 5days/wk) $500 per month / 12 months $6,000 Mitchelle Oyebola
(2 hrs/day - 5days/wk) $500 per month / 12 months $6,000 Pelagia
(2 hrs/day - 5days/wk) $500 per month / 12 months $6,000 Chidimma
TOTAL $18,000

• No. Technical Workshop Participants:

• No. of Incubator Participants:

• No. of Active Developers:

• No. Social Media Followers:

• No. Community Event Attendees:

• No. of New Partnerships/Alliance Members:

• No. of University Clubs Set Up:

Structure & Mult-Sig 7/10

Role Name LinkedIn Multisig
Community Lead / Operations, Celo Ambassador New Zealand Pelagia [LinkedIn Link] TBC
Lead, Technical Advisor, Celo Ambassador Mitchelle Oyebola [LinkedIn Link] TBC
Strategy, Commercial & Marketing lead, Celo Ambassador Chidimma [LinkedIn Link] TBC
Fiji celo ambassador TBD [LinkedIn Link] TBC
French Polynesia celo ambassador TBD [LinkedIn Link] TBC
Regional manager TBD [LinkedIn Link] TBC
“”” TBD [LinkedIn Link] TBC
“”” TBD [LinkedIn Link] TBC
“”” TBD [LinkedIn Link] TBC
“”” TBD [LinkedIn Link] TBC

thanks to evveryone who read and gave opinions. thanks so much. will revert on questions step by step as more Community members chipp in on this proposal. thanks