Celo Governance Call #19 - July 14th, 2022

Hi all,

The next governance call will be held on Thursday, July 14th, at 12pm ET. If you have a proposal you’d like to discuss, please add a comment to this forum post or the Github issue linked here: Celo Governance Call 19 | July 14th, 2022 · Issue #148 · celo-org/governance · GitHub

The meeting will be held here: meet.google.com/oxy-ujnk-upm (Dial-in: (US) +1 402-859-0080; PIN: 114 093 197#)

@annaalexa could you add it to the Celo Community Events calendar?

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@willkraft added it to the community calendar :slight_smile:

@jason awesome, thank you!

Hi @jason @annaalexa, we are going to postpone this call to next Thursday, 7/21, at 12pm ET / 9am PT (same time) due to network issues today. Could you update the Celo Community Events calendar? Thanks!

We’ll use the same Google Meet link