Celo Composer Updates

Dear Community, we have been working on improving Celo Composer. Here are the latest updates adding CLI (command-line) support to Celo Composer.

Since the launch of Celo Composer, we have cut the time to start a new project on Celo from tens of minutes to customize a major project down to 30 seconds. Previously, a new celo-composer project included bulky project libraries and dependencies like React, React Native, Flutter, and Angular. The new CLI reduces starting time to just a few seconds.


  • The CLI helps you get the starter project for your favorite framework in seconds.

  • The CLI is available via npx; no need to install the CLI to your system.

  • CLI requires only npm.

  • Repositories for all frameworks are well-documented.

  • Celo-composer has additional screens added for React Native and Flutter.


  • Adding a consistent interface across all the frameworks.
  • Creating community-driven documentation on Gitbook for Celo Composer.
  • Adding support for Flutter Web and Flutter Desktop.
  • Creating advanced example projects using celo-composer and documenting them.
  • Providing Truffle support along with Hardhat via CLI.
  • Adding support for more frameworks and languages like Vue, Python, Go, Java, etc.


Celo Composer Walkthrough

We’d love to hear from you. Any feedback is much appreciated and will guide what we are working on and building for the Community. Feel free to respond below or send me a dm.


This is great, thanks for sharing @viral-sangani :raised_hands:

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Really great . Thank you .However,Iam not sure why I am having a problem with trying to build a project with Celo composer.If I use node v 12, I am unable to install some dependencies as they are no-longer supported.If I use node v 18, Iam unable to work with the celo compoer.How do I move forward?

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