Celo Community In Africa (Kenya Update)

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Campus outreach programs are at the heart of Celo’s mission to create the conditions for prosperity for everyone, with the aim of inspiring dreamers, doers, and designers. On October 14th, 2022, Celo was at Multimedia University, Nairobi Campus, Kenya. We deep-dived into Celo’s mission and values, what we are trying to accomplish in the ecosystem, and how the students can get involved in different capacities. Did you miss the event? Want to relive the fun? Check out our wrap-up tweet below.

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Kenya Celo CodeJams
Code Jams provide developers with an opportunity to practice their skills while winning rewards in the process. Often the challenges are loosely based off real-world scenarios allowing developers to get a feel of how building on a client platform (Celo and other partners within the ecosystem) and in the real world, looks like. Think of them as online hackathons. The Celo Code Jam is specially intended to assist web2 developers and blockchain enthusiasts looking to transition to web3. With a series of developer-focused activities and talks to help developers acquire new skills needed in the ecosystem to complete tasks that are project-focused and adhere to the agile methodology. This weekend on the 22nd of October 2022. The Kenya Celo Ecosystem Community will convene at Jenga Leo Cowork to build DeFi products on top of Celo. If you are in Nairobi please join us


Celo At the Nairobi University, Kenya.

On Friday 21st October 2022, We will also take our mission of Prosperity For Everyone to the University of Nairobi. We are excited to meet the GDSC (Google Developer Students Club) Community at Nairobi University to inspire the developers to start build SmartContracts and DApps and most of all spread the Celo Mantra, Values, and how they can get involved in the Community. Please join us if you are from Nairobi.


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