Celo CIS H1 2024 | Regional DAO

Funding Request - Celo CIS H1 2024

Authors: @ZEFIRIUM & @dragunovski / Twitter: ZEFIRIUM & Dragunovski

Budget Request: $44,150 cUSD

We’re excited to share our Draft proposal for Celo CIS H1 2024 in line with the Celo Public Goods Funding proposal for stakeholder input and early collaborations.

Proposal Type: CPG Funding Request | Regional DAO

The proposal aims to allocate funds to the Celo CIS DAO from April 20th to July 20th, 2024, amounting to $44,150 cUSD.


CIS is a union of nations, comprising 9 countries with a total population of more than 236 million people.
The proposal aims to increase Celo’s influence in the region:

  • Social media (Twitter, Telegram);
  • Attracting new developers;
  • Working with regional Influencers;
  • Branding - creating personalized design, merchandise, graphic illustrations;
  • Promotion and interaction with ecosystem projects;
  • Training material;
  • Supporting the CIS community on Discord;
  • Organize an offline event in Warsaw for 100 - 200 people.


The primary objective is to familiarize CIS with Celo as a independent blockchain and the benefits of its integration in the future for L2.
Using our experience and skills from Optimism’s RPGF3, we want to attract a large number of new users to Celo. An example of our work in RPGF3: https://vote.optimism.io/retropgf/3/application/0xfeece77fd33f7851d672917565bcf1f8f5ecdde44f5497c45c8729d2386764e0
Through analytics, we see a low number of active users in the ecosystem, but have a good understanding of how our region can benefit from using your network. For example, the Celo network is very popular for L0, a project that is a priority for our region. We have a good sense of the trend and know how to target new users.
If you switch to L2 Optimism, we can represent CIS for the two projects and attract even more of the loyal audience we attracted earlier within RPGF.

Focus Area 1: Community

  • Social Media (Twitter, Telegram);
    For this purpose we will create a regional Twitter, where we will cover all project news and how users can work in Celo.
  • Attracting new developers;
    We are familiar with a large number of developers and project representatives who are ready to create new DApps and integrate new chains into their own products. For this we will hold AMA sessions with their representatives, or communicate in person at offline events or in a correspondence format.
  • Training material;
    For easy entry into the new ecosystem for users with different levels of knowledge, we will translate existing documentation and adapt it for a wide audience among others. Publications will be posted in our Twitter and in Influencers we will collaborate with.
  • Supporting the CIS community on Discord;
    We noticed the absence of a regional moderator in Discord and are ready to help in working with the existing RU-community, representatives of which are also members of CIS.
  • Conducting raffles.
    To maintain a positive image and mood of all participants, we plan to give away future merch to community members, as well as to hold entertaining online events with prizes for active participants.
  • Offline event.
    Warsaw, where the event is planned, is a city with more than 300 active web3 representatives who moved from CIS over the last years.
    We have experience in offline events for Cyber Connect, Aleo & zkSync, where 100 to 200+ people participated.
    The main objective of the event is to introduce the most active users of CIS to the project.

Key performance indicators

  1. Based on previous experience, we plan to attract 1000-1200 followers on Twitter.
  2. We are already negotiating with 3 projects ready to integrate their own projects and create new ones for the ecosystem.
  3. Full translation of WP & Medium into Russian, which is the national language in most CIS countries.
  4. Full support of regional channel in Discord.
  5. Organizing 2-3 entertaining events for the community on a monthly basis.

Focus Area 2: Marketing

  • Promote and engage ecosystem projects;
    Fundamental to any blockchain is its community and ecosystem. This is why we plan to create content, for each ecosytem project. It is important to us that our users can benefit from everything Celo and its partners offer.
  • Working with regional influencers.
    It is obvious that in order to attract more new users it is necessary to reach out to Mass Media and competent regional Influencers. During several years of work in this direction, we are proud of our networking with popular representatives and private DAOs.
    Examples of our partners: CRYPTUS MEDIA, Фармер, IDO Research.

Key performance indicators

  • Creating merch, subsequently an online store with in-house designs;
  • Creating personalized styling for CIS community;
  • Graphic works for publications in threads & social media posts.

Operations and Accounting

We are ready to provide accounting part of the work done by our team of copywriters, translators, content creators, designers, website developers (Merch), Influencers, offline event organizers.

Budget & Payment Terms

We propose to split the payment into 3 parts:

  • April 20: $21.500
  • May 20: $16.500
  • June 20: $5.150
  1. April-May
  • Creation of social media pages and their promotion: $1000
  • Creating Merch and website for implementation: $8000
  • Creating Design & Graphics for publications: $3000
  • Translation of WP & Celo Blog: $1000
  • Working with ecosystem projects. Studying and writing Threads: $1500
  • Moderation of RU-channel in Discord: $1000
  • Working with Influencers of the region: $6000
  • Organizing entertainment events: $1000
    Total: $22.500
  1. May-June
  • Conducting AMAs and meeting with developers interested in Celo development: $5000
  • Social media promotion: $1000
  • Working with ecosystem projects. Studying and writing Threads: $1500
  • Moderation of RU-channel in Discord: $1000
  • Working with Influencers of the region: $4000
  • Organizing entertainment events: $1000
  • Organizing an offline event in Warsaw: $3000
    Total: $16.500
  1. June-July
  • Working with ecosystem projects. Studying and writing Threads: $1500
  • Moderation of RU-channel in Discord: $1000
  • Organizing entertainment events: $1000
  • Promotion of social networks: $1000
  • Working with small regional Influencers: $650
    Total: $5.150


Sergo (Zefirium):

  • Bachelor degree: Engineer, Programmable Mobile Systems;
  • Experience: 3 years of work in Web3;
  • CIS-region representative in NYM, Optimism, Pontem, Serenity Shield;
  • Ambassador: Optimism, Pontem;
  • Responsibilities: Networking, conducting AMA sessions, content creation: posting, threads, writing articles, video tutorials.
  • Main responsibilities: organization of work processes, control over the work of all participants of the work process.

Timur (Dragunovski)

  1. Optimism:
  • Creating Optimism Merch Store to promote the project in the real world, one of the few stores on the blockchain with payment in network tokens. Merch was also provided to the project team, in which they speak on various conferences. An active contributor to the project.
  • Creating an experimental game center for Optimism
  1. Base - I am one of the few artists whose NFTs were in quests from Base Wallet (Total number of NFT mints - 31.5k in the Optimism network ). Also marketing partnerships and providing the team with our merch.
  2. DooDoo - Creating merch for the team - Liqudswap team project.
  3. Aptos Monkey - Creating merch for NFT collection
  4. Brahma Fi - Creating the first version of the website design and merch.
  5. Omni Network - Creating merch for L1 blockchain
  6. L0 - creation of merch at the request of Influencers
  • Main task: Creating design, merch and working with CIS-influencers.


Sergo (@ZEFIRIUM) :

Timur (@dragunovski):


Hey Zefirium, Thank you for setting up this proposal and shining some light on the CIS region. I see you’ve done a lot of merch work in other ecosystems but do you have any references of projects you’ve worked with in the Celo ecosystem?

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No, this is the first Celo application for our team, however we would like to use our experience to promote Celo in our region and consider ourselves compliant for this task.

Hi, what do you think about our proposal? Thanks


Thanks for the initial draft. I think some elements in the proposal need more clarity before proceeding.

  • I had to look up what CIS means, as you don’t explain anywhere what the region is and why it is relevant to Celo.
    The proposal seems tailored to traders. Please add more insights into the KPIs and how this helps Celo become a digital regenerative economy.
  • The proposed payment splits seem to be related to dates instead of reports, which doesn’t add much value, in my opinion.

You mentioned having 3 projects that you might want to integrate and the idea of organizing a meetup in Warsaw. I would consider reducing the ask significantly and focussing on those two activities in the next 2 months and potentially propose something afterward once you are more connected with the Celo ecosystem and have built up a track record here (as you have in other ecosystems).

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