Celo Africa Regional DAO Proposal

I strongly agree with all that you said Daniel! And of course also with @0xhuman

I would rather first see the implementation of one DAO and evaluate whether after six months the preliminary results are satisfactory enough to launch the other 2 DAOs.

All these proposals are ambitious and exciting, but at the same time in a bear market period and with the celo price in the ATL zone, one necessarily needs to be transparent about expenses and optimize processes.


Hi All!

I am new here - Will Ruddick From Grassroots Economics based in Kenya. grassecon.org we work with over 60,000 users and have developed over 50 blockchain based currencies in vulnerable communities: see viz.sarafu.network

I love the emphasis of Africa DAO - on training and onboarding - Grassroots Economics also focuses on helping communities turn into Economic Commons - that issue blockchain based vouchers as a medium of exchange. Would be amazing to include these types of training - and trainers of trainers.

Some major financial concerns for our work with vulnerable communities in Kenya and Cameroon and South Africa and soon most of Africa:

  1. Gas: Forcing our users to pay gas fees. I’m really keen on supporting the villages and refugee camps we work with with free gas -
  2. Interfaces: Many of our users don’t have smart phone or internet. So using USSD/SMS is the way we reach them - this is very expensive with the telecoms and hard to scale.
  3. Impact investment into supporting capacity development is scarce: We work with Red Cross and WFP to develop cooperative businesses that back the blockchain vouchers that circulate as a medium of exchange.
  4. Production loans, Liquidity investment and insurance: As groups get larger they can interact with more traditional financial instruments.
  5. Certifications for biodiversity, soil health, organic carbon, social enterprises: These communities are actually doing a lot of amazing work that needs to be visible on chain.

If there can be some direction toward supporting these grassroots crypto using vulnerable communities it would be amazing.

Looking forward to being part of the community.




@0xhuman .Very interesting feedback. In my own opinion, $120k may sound like a huge figure for a hackathon. However,on closer inspection,I think the hackathons would be distributed across the whole African region such that there would be in-person participants in Kenya,in-person participants in Nigeria ,Uganda,South Africa which translating to a higher cost for venue and food.
We could however optimize the prizes to bring the cost downwards.


Hi @0xhuman thanks for your input.
• firstly, the actual cost of hackathon is $75,000 per hackathon if we exclude the cost of paying the technical ambassadors. And while the Berkeley ( A city ) cost up to $39K, this hackathon is focusing on the entire Africa continent with over 1bn people with specific in-person activities in up to 5 countries. With the price, we had decided to have a placeholder and make any necessary changes from the community feedback gather. Really appreciate your points of breaking it down further.

• Additionally, the proposal has been put in place to pay all local ambassadors across Africa, up to 30 of them, such that we do not have to pay ambassadors through community grant anymore since ambassadors are primarily driving community initiatives. Thank you for your honest feedback and we shall take into consideration all points noted.


Welcome to the Celo Community Will.
Looking forward to speaking more about the work by Grassroots Economics, there are some great resources in the ecosystem.
I shall reach out to you directly.


Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce Montech Studios, we are an Enterprise Web3 Studio that specialized in building great products across multiple different chains. We have deployed 25+ apps on EVM & non EVM compatible chains. We look forward to participating in Focus Area 3 of the DAO in Africa and working with other creators to expand the Celo ecosystem in Africa.

My Name is Olu Akinwande, I am the Founder and CTO at Montech Studios, If anyone is in need of a professional, agile development team to help bring there projects to life we are available for consult by visiting Montech.io and scheduling an appointment.

Thank you Celo for supporting Africa!!!


Hi, We could see about supporting with smartphone access. We do it with a lease to buy deal with fair rates often with coops and communities. It would be great to see us run on Celo and some initial funds to seed the “defi” circle from the outside. We are in Rwanda, looking at Zimbabwe. In Cameroon we need a trustworthy partner - could be Will’s link?

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We rely on USSD (AfricasTalking and in Cameroon a company like that called Nexah) Without subsidy the services are WAY!!too expensive to use for transactions.
I’m looking forward to riffing off the Valora and Kolecktivo (fork) wallets as well as telegram and other bots for wallets in the near future. BUT I think we will still want USSD for many years to come to reach people without smart phones… (also keen on the Opera Mini feature phone wallet?!)

Here is the current network in Kenya using USSD wallets trading vouchers (soon to be on CELO (F*ck Yeah! so excited)! https://viz.sarafu.network/ … Note that we (non-profit & open source) make nothing on our tech stack at all and are eagerly awaiting aligned tech orgs to step in and offer products for the humanitarian space that we can use. The custodial system we use for USSD and telegram is under a lot of rewrite and we could use folks looking at it and using it as well.


This sounds very exciting for me as well

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