Celo Africa Regional DAO Proposal

I strongly agree with all that you said Daniel! And of course also with @0xhuman

I would rather first see the implementation of one DAO and evaluate whether after six months the preliminary results are satisfactory enough to launch the other 2 DAOs.

All these proposals are ambitious and exciting, but at the same time in a bear market period and with the celo price in the ATL zone, one necessarily needs to be transparent about expenses and optimize processes.


Hi All!

I am new here - Will Ruddick From Grassroots Economics based in Kenya. grassecon.org we work with over 60,000 users and have developed over 50 blockchain based currencies in vulnerable communities: see viz.sarafu.network

I love the emphasis of Africa DAO - on training and onboarding - Grassroots Economics also focuses on helping communities turn into Economic Commons - that issue blockchain based vouchers as a medium of exchange. Would be amazing to include these types of training - and trainers of trainers.

Some major financial concerns for our work with vulnerable communities in Kenya and Cameroon and South Africa and soon most of Africa:

  1. Gas: Forcing our users to pay gas fees. I’m really keen on supporting the villages and refugee camps we work with with free gas -
  2. Interfaces: Many of our users don’t have smart phone or internet. So using USSD/SMS is the way we reach them - this is very expensive with the telecoms and hard to scale.
  3. Impact investment into supporting capacity development is scarce: We work with Red Cross and WFP to develop cooperative businesses that back the blockchain vouchers that circulate as a medium of exchange.
  4. Production loans, Liquidity investment and insurance: As groups get larger they can interact with more traditional financial instruments.
  5. Certifications for biodiversity, soil health, organic carbon, social enterprises: These communities are actually doing a lot of amazing work that needs to be visible on chain.

If there can be some direction toward supporting these grassroots crypto using vulnerable communities it would be amazing.

Looking forward to being part of the community.




@0xhuman .Very interesting feedback. In my own opinion, $120k may sound like a huge figure for a hackathon. However,on closer inspection,I think the hackathons would be distributed across the whole African region such that there would be in-person participants in Kenya,in-person participants in Nigeria ,Uganda,South Africa which translating to a higher cost for venue and food.
We could however optimize the prizes to bring the cost downwards.


Hi @0xhuman thanks for your input.
• firstly, the actual cost of hackathon is $75,000 per hackathon if we exclude the cost of paying the technical ambassadors. And while the Berkeley ( A city ) cost up to $39K, this hackathon is focusing on the entire Africa continent with over 1bn people with specific in-person activities in up to 5 countries. With the price, we had decided to have a placeholder and make any necessary changes from the community feedback gather. Really appreciate your points of breaking it down further.

• Additionally, the proposal has been put in place to pay all local ambassadors across Africa, up to 30 of them, such that we do not have to pay ambassadors through community grant anymore since ambassadors are primarily driving community initiatives. Thank you for your honest feedback and we shall take into consideration all points noted.


Welcome to the Celo Community Will.
Looking forward to speaking more about the work by Grassroots Economics, there are some great resources in the ecosystem.
I shall reach out to you directly.


Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce Montech Studios, we are an Enterprise Web3 Studio that specialized in building great products across multiple different chains. We have deployed 25+ apps on EVM & non EVM compatible chains. We look forward to participating in Focus Area 3 of the DAO in Africa and working with other creators to expand the Celo ecosystem in Africa.

My Name is Olu Akinwande, I am the Founder and CTO at Montech Studios, If anyone is in need of a professional, agile development team to help bring there projects to life we are available for consult by visiting Montech.io and scheduling an appointment.

Thank you Celo for supporting Africa!!!


Hi, We could see about supporting with smartphone access. We do it with a lease to buy deal with fair rates often with coops and communities. It would be great to see us run on Celo and some initial funds to seed the “defi” circle from the outside. We are in Rwanda, looking at Zimbabwe. In Cameroon we need a trustworthy partner - could be Will’s link?

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We rely on USSD (AfricasTalking and in Cameroon a company like that called Nexah) Without subsidy the services are WAY!!too expensive to use for transactions.
I’m looking forward to riffing off the Valora and Kolecktivo (fork) wallets as well as telegram and other bots for wallets in the near future. BUT I think we will still want USSD for many years to come to reach people without smart phones… (also keen on the Opera Mini feature phone wallet?!)

Here is the current network in Kenya using USSD wallets trading vouchers (soon to be on CELO (F*ck Yeah! so excited)! https://viz.sarafu.network/ … Note that we (non-profit & open source) make nothing on our tech stack at all and are eagerly awaiting aligned tech orgs to step in and offer products for the humanitarian space that we can use. The custodial system we use for USSD and telegram is under a lot of rewrite and we could use folks looking at it and using it as well.


This sounds very exciting for me as well

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Hello @CeloCommunity, Here is an updated proposal for your review and comments from community members.

Amount Requested

$428K worth of CELO for Africa (5-7 countries) over 6 months

Areas of Focus

Focus Area 1: Attract emerging Web3 talent locally by focusing on local incubator programs & developer relations.

The primary objective is to support individuals and projects that are interested in building on Celo. We envision successful projects going on to receive funding from Celo Ecosystem.

Key Deliverables Success Criteria
Developer Incubator Program 1 program held across Africa

100 Participants

30 Projects in Finalists

Local Demo Day held with Top VC|1-3 projects receive VC funding

Launch & Scale Program on Celo|
|Developer Workshops & Support|15 Technical Workshops

150 Active Developers

30 Technical Articles|Active Developers on Celo in Africa minimum of 100 per month

300 Contract Kit Downloads


Q1 Q2 Total
Incubator Program
Prize $50,000 $50,000
Venue ($500 per week per country for 6 weeks) $15,000 $15,000
Food ($10 per head x 30 x 6 weeks during the incubation program) $9000 $9000
Platform and Administration (We are considering working with Dacade on this subject to requirements) $10,000 $10,000
Total $79,950 $84,000
Local Developer Relations
Junior Developer Network (15 developers across Africa - $1500 per quarter per developer) $22,500 $22,500 $45,000
Technical Ambassador x 5 ($4.5K per Quarter per Ambassador) $22,500 $22,500 $45,000
Total $90,000

Focus Area 1 - Local Incubator Program and Developer Relations.

Total Budget: $174,000

Developer Incubator Program: $84,000

Key Deliverables: 1 Accelerator program held in Africa targeting 100 participants per batch with 30 completed projects and a VC demo day.

Success Criteria: The project launches and scales on Celo with up to 3 projects receiving VC funding.

Developer Workshops and Support: $90,000

Key Deliverables: 30 Technical workshops, 60 technical articles and 300 active developers building on Celo.

Success Criteria: 100 active developers in Africa each month with over 300 downloads of the contract kit.

Focus Area 2: Community Education & University Outreach

Help onboard new community members and users and guide them through the ecosystem.

Key Deliverables Success Criteria
Community Education 1 Community Meetup per Country per Month * 150 Participants each month
  • 75 downloads of Celo Wallets per month
  • 100 Social Media Followers per month
  • Over 30% of women participation across the continent|
    |University Program|1 University event per country per month|* 5 Celo University club monthly
  • 30 developers onboard across universities monthly
  • 150 Participants each month
  • 75 downloads of Celo Wallets per month
  • 100 Social Media Followers per month|
Q1 Q2 Total
Community Educations
Food ($10 x 50 Participants) $1500 1500
Venue ($500 per venue) $1500 $1500
Swag ($10 x 20) 600 600
Per Country $3600 $3600
#5 Countries $18000 $18000
Total $36,000
University programs
Food ($10 x 50 Participants) $1500 1500
Swag ($10 x 50 participants) $1500 $1500
Per Country $3000 $3000
#3 Countries $9000 $9000
Total $18,000
Ambassadors (Community and University)
Ambassador per Quarter $3,000 $3,000
#Ambassadors 8 8
#Months per Quarter $24,000 $24,000
Total $48,000

Focus Area 2 Deliverables and expectations - Community Education and University Outreach

Total Budget: $102,000

Community Education: $36,000

Key Deliverables: 1 community meetup per country per month for a total of up to 60 events for the year across Africa.

Success Criteria : 150 participants monthly across Africa with more than 30% women.75 contract kit downloads per month with social media growth at 100 online community members monthly.

University Outreach: $18,000

Key Deliverables: 1 University event per country per month for a total of up to 60 events for the year across Africa.

Success Criteria: 5 University clubs activated monthly with up to 30 developers building on Celo from African Universities.150 participants across university events with more than 30% women.75 contract kit downloads with community growth rates at 100 online community members per month.

Community Education & University Ambassadors: $48,000

Collaborate with over 33 individual contributors to the Celo Ecosystem within the Africa Regional DAO as ambassadors for the Celo mission.

Focus Area 3: Building Market Awareness and Brand Positioning through content distribution.

Build our community locally and on the ground. This includes the translation of ecosystem news into local languages. Hosting Twitter spaces and local AMAs. Educating the community on projects in the ecosystem and programs.

Key Deliverables Success Criteria
Marketing 1 Twitter Space per Week

4 Social Posts

Monthly Community Forum Recap|1000 Followers

10,000 Engagements

Over 500k impressions across all PRs put out for the events|
|Local Event Sponsorship|Sponsorship of Local Top Tier Crypto Examples for 2023 include:

  • ETH Safari
  • Africa Tech Summit
  • CryptoFest
  • Blockchain and Crypto Conference, Nigeria|300 participants each

5 new partners joining Regional Alliance|

Q1 Q2 Total
Content $1000
#Ambassadors 5
#Months 3
Total Content $15000 $15000 $30,000
Paid Ads & Swag $3,000 $3,000 $6,000
PR & Comms $6,250 $6,250 $12,500
Total MARCOM $48,500
Sponsorship $8,000 $8,000 Total
Side Event $2000 $2000
# Events 2 2 4
$20,000 $20,000
Total $40,000

8If Event Sponsorship opportunities are not strong and present a return to the ecosystem fund would be done

Focus Area 3 Deliverables and expectations- Market Awareness and Brand Positioning- Total Budget : $88,500

Marketing: $48,500

Key Deliverables: 1 Twitter space weekly alongside 4 social posts and a monthly community forum post recap of activities and state of the DAO.

Success Criteria: over 4,000 social followers, with over 40,000 engagements and over 500,000 impressions across PR.

Local Event Sponsorship:$40,000

Key Deliverables: Sponsorship of Africa’s top-tier events of 2023: Past examples include: Africa Tech Summit, Eth Safari, Crypto Fest, Blockchain and Crypto Conference Nigeria.

Success Criteria: Onboard 10 members into the Regional Alliance while reaching more than 300 participants per event sponsored.

Transparency & Progress

  • Multisig holders payment - $27,000
  • Operational cost (including legal, Tooling, Administrative fees and other miscellaneous etc) - $42,500

We commit to posting monthly updates on our progress. We plan to measure success by developing a set of reports that we will share quarterly tracking the progress of:

Here is a template of what we plan to share each month

Budget Amount Amount Spend Delta Owner Notes
Focus Area 1: Developer Acquisition $174,000 Khadijah Amusat
Focus Area 2: Community Growth $102,000 Chimezie Chuta
Focus Area 3: Awareness & Positioning $88,500 Noah B.
Total $358,500
Jan Feb March Q1 Total Notes
No. Technical Workshop Participants
No. of Incubator Participants
No. of Active Developers
No. Projects raised Funds
No.Social Media Followers
No. Community Event Attendees
No. of New Partnerships / Alliance Members
No. of University Clubs set up

Structure & Mult-Sig

Role Name LinkedIn Multisig
Local Event Lead Chimezie Chuta TBC
Local Marketing and Social Noah Baalessanvu TBC
Local Developer Relations Khadijah Amusat TBC
Local Business Development Aliu Musa TBC


  • Equivalent $100 worth of CELO per Hour, expectation is 10-15 hours per month
  • Less than 10% of the overall budget will go towards compensation (capped at $54K WORTH of Celo )
  • Regional Eco Leads will waive compensation since they are employed by Foundation

First, I support the engagement and support at the grassroots level and a DAO is a great utility for it.
Your feedback is terrific feedback and covers my main points too.

The challenge I see with many DAOs (voting) is the actual decentralization. Many who it accurately targets have little understanding of the mechanism. For this, transparency and support ( how do I vote, what does it mean,…) is needed to speak of inclusion.

I second the idea of having the leads employed by the DAO rather than the foundation itself. With clear KPI’s the voting would guide the actual (wanted) roadmap and activities.

Again, transparency is the key.
“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” - Upton Sinclair

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This is a good initiative. I am a blockchain community advocate and the convener of CodeUp Blockchain Festival, an annual gathering of Web3 developers in the city of Warri, Nigeria. Thus, I can help the team to organize some of the hackathon in the southern part of Nigeria. Also, from the tech hub I manage are some web3 projects on going which I can tell the teams to focus on how to incorporate the Celo Blockchain into it towards advancing the ecosystem. They include: (1) blood donation platform, (2) a crypto to cash payment solution and (3) a Bio-energy solution for rural community. @Aliu, Please do let me know areas that I can come in. Thank you.

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Would love to talk about Liquidity Investment into African tokens. Buying and pooling various on-chain utility tokens / vouchers