BitGifty - A Crypto Gift Card Platform for Daily LifeStyle [CC8 - Minipay LaunchPad]

Short description

BitGifty is a crypto gift card platform that enables users to send and receive crypto as gift cards to anyone via email without the need for long boring wallet addresses.

Users also have the opportunity to use their crypto gifts to pay for their daily utilities such as airtime, data, electricity, and cableTV.


Adedolapo Adeagbo - Cofounder and CEO with over 5 years of experience as a growth manager in the crypto space.
Wasiu Adegoke - Cofounder and CTO with almost 10 years of experience in front-end engineering.

Long Description

At BitGifty, we are building one of the world’s first crypto gifting platforms.

Bitgifty aims to solve the problem of gifting in the crypto space. We want to improve the user experience of sending and receiving gifts with crypto. This experience is currently tedious as the recipients have to go through the stress of sending their wallet addresses.

With BitGifty, users will no longer have to deal with long boring wallet addresses and the complicated process of crypto transfer.

BitGifty also offers users the ability to use their crypto gifts in their daily lifestyle, to pay for utilities like Airtime, Data, Electricity, and CableTV.

What we built during Celo Camp

During the Celo camp, we built a simple user-friendly dApp on Minipay that allows users to create and send gift cards to friends and family from their Minipay balance.

We also added a spend product that allows users to pay for airtime, data, electricity, and cableTV from their Minipay balance.

Check out BitGifty demo on Minipay - Demo

Next Steps

  • Go live with BitGifty on Minipay.
  • Create a B2B model for corporate gifting.
  • Expand to other African countries.


Enterprise Solution Hit us up if you want to offer crypto gift cards or utility payments with crypto directly on your platform.

B2B Model Hit us up if you want us to create custom gift cards for your business so you can use them for corporate gifting like loyalty and referral programs.

Airdrop Program Reach out to us if you’re launching a new coin/token and would be interested in using the gift card model for your airdrops.

Slide Deck

Please check out BitGifty Pitch Deck for Minipay

You can reach us on
Twitter - @bitgifty
LinkedIn - @bitgifty

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