Discussions for CGP20: Community Appreciation Gifts

This is a thread for discussing CGP20: Community Appreciation Gifts.

Quoting from the CGP:

May 2020 saw the genesis of Celo the platform. But even before then, Celo the community has been an ecosystem from people all over the world believing in the mission of Celo and contributing to it. While much focus has been on folks that are employed by cLabs, there is a lot of effort that is currently not being appropriately appreciated more broadly. This proposal attempts to create a small channel for the community to express gratitude to its contributors.

The current PR for the CGP can be found at Create 0020.md by nambrot · Pull Request #154 · celo-org/celo-proposals · GitHub.

Appreciate the feedback!



I’m definitely supportive of this proposal. Showing members of Celo community volunteering their time, that their contributions are valued and appreciated is the right thing to do :raised_hands:

These grass-root efforts are the bedrock of any viable and lively community.