Approval in Sushiswap?

[How do I revoke the approval or any other way to solve this as Valora constantly gives me time out when I press approve.

However, I have no problem in swapping and deposit liquidity only when approval process. ]

Device Information

OS: [iOS]
Device: iphone 12
App Version: 1.20.4

Hi @Alexliko - I am sorry I missed your post! We are aware of some issues around WalletConnect, as well as SushiSwap, and we are working to resolve these. If you’re still running into this, please:

  1. Update to 1.21
  2. Ensure you have a connected phone number

If you do still run into any issues with these, please open Valora’s menu and tap Help > Contact to reach us. Please include logs when if you reach out.

Thank you!

Hello yes.
Validation of wallets also makes it easy if you give it a try.