After Supercharge

Is the intent for Valora to continue paying rewards after Supercharge is done?

Hi @markbarendt - Supercharge is the rewards program. As far as if there will be any rewards program after Supercharge - that’s something we’ll have to “wait and see” about. What would you like to see in Valora’s future?

I want some rewards of course. :grinning: It is why I came to Valora.

Basically I’m hoping is that Valora becomes an interest bearing checking account that I can use anywhere.

I do think that paying some minimum amount of reward rate, akin to the 5% savings account rate available in my childhood on cUSD should be part of the value proposition. No secondary transactions to get there, simply a built in feature for the end user.

Whether that’s done at Valora’s level or at CELO’s level is another question.

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Rewards are amazing, of course :wink:

While I can’t speak to what will happen in the future, I’m happy to share your request with our team. Thanks for taking the time to share more about your thoughts on this!