Valora CELO Rewards Program deactivation mechanism

Hello everyone,

I have just signed up on Valora as a new user / small investor from Switzerland and I noticed that the CELO rewards program is automatically active and cannot be deactivated. I am sure this is seen as a feature by most people and I can see why.

This being said, as a muslim, interest rates and similar mechanisms (earning money for the mere fact of holding it or lending it) are not permissible for me to take advantage of. I wonder if it could be possible to introduce a deactivation mechanism for that program so I can start inviting my muslim friends to it as well.

I hope this has been the right place to discuss / suggest this.

Kind regards
Aimen Fahmi

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Hi Aimen, welcome to the community and thank you for sharing this feedback!
This is a feature we have considered in the past but not prioritized so far. We are going to look into it and see whether we can find a solution for this. For context, rewards are currently distributed purely based on on-chain data, so having an opt-out option in Valora would likely remove some of the decentralization associated with this feature.

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I have CELO, and downloaded Valora. I’m not sure how I can earn with this. It seems we can earn with cUSD but it’s not clear how to obtain cUSD. Can we earn with only CELO?