About the Governance Calls category

Celo Governance is the structure that allows stakeholders to make changes to the Celo protocol.

It allows anyone to shape the direction of the Celo community and is vital for the operation and longevity of the protocol. You can see overview of the Celo Governance process in our Governance Repo.

In this forum section you will find the upcoming Governance Meetings, agendas, and summaries. Here is a typical template for Governance Call.

Governance Call Information

Date: Every second Thursday of the Month
Time: 9.30 PM IST | 6 PM CEST | 12 PM EDT | 9 AM PT
Location: Zoom
Event Calendar: Google Calendar - Sign in to Access & Edit Your Schedule

Call Recording

Will be posted after the meeting


@Pinotio.com and Governance Editors

Proposals for Discussion

Crowdsourced on the forum prior to the meeting

Other Discussions and Q&A

Open discussion and questions

All are welcome to attend!

cc: Governance Working Group @Pinotio.com @willkraft @ebeth @CalicoKittencat