ZKP for Carbon Credits on Celo

Hello Celo!

Writing to gauge interest in an idea for applying zero knowledge proofs to carbon credits. This could be a research project, open source dApp, or even eventually another protocol built atop Celo.

For context: I was recently reading an interesting cryptography paper about applying zero knowledge proofs to enable a “fund manager to verifiably communicate portfolio risk characteristics to an investor” (paper).

Similarly, there must be a significant amount of other important attributes of a financial system that managers seek to communicate without disclosing underlying details. The paper has a fantastic presentation of a protocol for doing so, involving the Lin Tzeng protocol for solving Yao’s Millionaire Problem. In the spirit of ReFi, applying this technique to environmental sustainability information such as carbon credits seems like a worthwhile and unexplored space.

What does the community think? Feel free to reach out if you have any interest in carbon credits, zero knowledge proofs, and developing cryptogrpahic solutions to support the environment :smile:


Love this idea for a proposal.

With recent advancements in zk it will be possible to attest to loads of data points in the carbon and offsets markets. I see this as foundational research to start that journey for Celo.

I would like to see out of this research a wireframe design for how this could be built. Think we’ll learn a lot about the zkp development and financial challenges.

Furthermore I know Alex has been great at building the Celo community in New York. Think he would be great for this assignment


Hey Alex - super interesting and love the idea. What are you thinking for next steps?