Welcoming New Validators - Atweb3

The Validator Voting Team and the Celo Foundation would like to acknowledge the efforts of the new validators who have become part of the network. Our validators operate independently and strengthen the Celo platform.

We would like to introduce Atweb3 one of the newest Celo non-custodial validators. As a team they bring 30 years of traditional financial experience to the validator community. As a validator they bring an eagerness around the platform’s protocols and tech stack. But more than that, Atweb3 is truly dedicated to the community.

They have chosen the Celo community to contribute to our shared goal of creating the conditions for financial inclusion and prosperity for everyone. The blockchain principles of decentralization and censorship resistance can only enable such ambition with the explicit purpose and dedication they see in the Celo community. Atweb3 has already met some of us and aim to meet more during the upcoming Celo Connect events.

Consider delegating your votes for Atweb3 if you support their broader ambition of finding the right approach for privacy in combination with DeFi and aim to participate and develop exciting new protocols. Join us in welcoming Atweb3, our first validator from Austria, to the Celo Community!


Met them IRL!
Amazing people aligned with Celo Mission