Vollar: [CC6 2022]

Short description

Vollar is a platform with an innovative rewards program that turns volunteering into impactful micro-jobs. Vollar brings together funders and volunteers to efficiently and transparently collaborate on community projects in order to deliver the greatest impact


Kyle Ueckermann - Cofounder & CEO
Liam Smith - Cofounder & COO

Long Description

Community development needs an upgrade.
From our experience, traditional community development programs are:

  • Are short-lived with low success rates
  • Lack transparency and digital data
  • Are costly and complex to implement
  • Lack community input and ownership

Our solution turns local volunteering, into impactful micro-jobs, allowing:

  • Organisations to create and fund volunteering campaigns
  • Local champions to host volunteering events
  • Volunteers to participate and get rewarded

People love Vollar because we are making it possible to:

  • Directly involve the community
  • Fund outcomes, not programs
  • Create transparency with data
  • Lower the cost of impact

Technical Implementation

  • We are using Tatum to enable our campaign crowdfunding feature with Celo.
  • We will be using Bidali to allow users globally that earn Celo USD to convert their CUSD to vouchers.

Next Steps

  • Deploy crowdfunding and redemption on the main net
  • Launch our first pilot funded with CUSD


We are currently raising $250,000, with the goal of:

  • Growing our engineering team
  • Expanding our network and partners
  • Securing new pilots globally

You can also be involved as a funder and participate in crowdfunding our first global volunteering campaign.

Slide Deck

Our pitch deck is available at: Vollar Pitch Deck.pdf - Google Drive

What’s the best way to get in contact with you and your project?

Email: [email protected]


Love this!! Would love to participate in a volunteering campaign :clap:t3: