Vallora send invite

[Tried to send cusd to a friend who is not on vallora yet but the invite I see is funny,poorly written,;see below

Samsung A32

OS: [Android]
App Version:1.20.3

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Hi @Riyo! Thank you for reporting this. That image is very tiny and I can’t make out the text at all. I believe we have a spelling error reported on this screen though - is that what you’re sharing? A bigger screenshot would help to see the issue.

Sure, it is the spelling issue. Makes it look unlegit.

I agree - what I can say is that it is legit and that we’re working on fixing it; additionally, we are putting processes in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Thank you for reporting the error @Riyo!

Ya I know it is legit but the issue is if you are to invite a new person to it esp the crypto skeptics, they will be suspicious just because of the spelling.
But generally I have used Vallora and it is working fine. Just needs mass adoption now.

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