Using NativeScript?

Hello all, I understand that the DAppKit is currently built with the Expo framework and there may be some dependencies. Is there anyway that I can bring in the SDK using NativeScript? It’s another javascript to mobile framework.

Hey @jbhaktul,
Great question! We will eventually support other languages for the SDK, including Java and Objective C, and maybe NativeScript as well.

I’m not very familiar with NativeScript but it should be possible for you to interface with DAppKit even without using Expo. The underlying mechanism that allows you to connect with our Wallet app for account auth + transaction signing can be decoupled from Expo relatively easily. We’ll just need some minor changes to the @celo/dappkit package.

If you’d like to take a stab at this, feel free and we’re happy to help. Otherwise, we can create a task to decouple Expo from dappkit and try to prioritize it for the near future.


Hey John,

nice to see you here in on our forum again! :slight_smile:

As @jmrossy mentioned, we have plans to eventually support DAppKit specific functionality for various frameworks and make it Expo-independent. If you look at the source (, it is quite succinct, and really only relies on Expo for the Contacts functionality which we should be able to generalize easily. I raised a ticket for it


hey @nambrot

Great presentation at BlockChainDC! I got the Celo app working on my Samsung S9! Thanks for troubleshooting it with me. I had to resend the request again to my phone and then after being verified, I received 4 text message with a hash.

Thanks for raising the issue. As you know, there are numerous JS to Mobile frameworks out there, the top 3 being - React Native, Flutter, and NativeScript by Progress. Progress has a UI framework called Kendo UI. It provides a great UI/UX for building all kinds of applications.