Questions related to development?

=> What Operating System support is required to run celo? (In windows we need WSL (Windows supported Linux) and if we can use windows so please share the resources).
=> What are the repositories that will help me to achieve a blockchain-based wallet.
=> How to make a wallet that runs on Blockchain using celo.(Code Resources)
=> Mobile application based Wallet.
=> How to make a smart contract
=> Which repository should I used specifically.
=> Supported resources videos or articles (Will be good if it is in windows)
=> Dapp (Mobile application implemented on celo “Repository” with any example)

The scenario is that I pay someone against anything through cryptocurrency a ledger is updated after the transaction,
Crypto coins will be sent and receive successfully through a mobile app wallet. I need this scenario to be implemented by using celo.

Please help me in a technical way it is very good for me if you implemented celo in one of your projects
any help will be appreciated!

Great questions!

  • You can run Celo on any OS. If you are interested in running a node, you can use docker. If you are interested in developing DApps on the Celo platform, you can use any OS. This doc is a great list of tools for building a dapp.
  • The Celo monorepo has a bunch of great tools for working on the Celo platform. I suggest you look closely at the contractkit package and associated docs. You can also see how we are building a mobile wallet in the mobile package.
  • You can find code examples for contractkit and dappkit (which makes it easy to connect to Celo wallets on a mobile device) here.
  • Writing smart contracts on Celo is the same as writing them on Ethereum. Since Celo runs the EVM, any programming language that compiles to Ethereum bytecode will work. Most people use Solidity. The main difference is related to how you deploy the smart contract onto the Celo network. This code example will show you how to create a HelloWorld smart contract and deploy it onto Celo. The Solidity docs are a great resource for learning how to write Solidity smart contracts
  • There are some great developer focused webinar recordings on the Celo Foundation crowdcast page, which you can view here

This error happens when I am making a smart contract by installing truffle!