Updating Baklava to Contract Release 8

Hello Community,

Alfajores is currently running the latest version of the Celo Core Contracts, Contract Release 8. Mainnet is in the process of getting CR8 at the moment.

However, Baklava is currently running the version 3 of the contracts. This is because there was a problem where no account had enough Celo to pass governance proposals in this network. This issue has recently gotten resolved and the cLabs team is in the process of executing one proposal updating the contracts to CR8.

What to expect:

  • Nothing should break, but please report any issues that you may see
  • cREAL contract will be deployed, however, it will not fully work until oracles are enabled and the another proposal is passed to effectively enable minting/burning.
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The update just finished the update and the network seems to be working as expected.