Tablet + smartphone=?

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Device Information

OS: iOS on tablet, Android on smartphone
Device: iPad, smartphone on Android 4.4.2
App Version: 1.23.3

Valora is installed on the ipad. Is it possible to connect the phone number on another device, on a smartphone? Or is this a bad solution and valora must be on the smartphone?

Hi @wind! Yes, you can install Valora on your iPad and mobile phone and use your mobile device to connect your number.

Please do remember that Valora is not optimized for the iPad but it will still allow you to install and use Valora. Simply skip the part about connecting your phone number and you’ll be good to go.

Thank you, Lisa! And best wishes to your beautiful white cat! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, @wind!

That’s Casper - one of my lovely Maine coons. I’ll pass on the compliment! Thank you. :wink: