Swap button not visible

I have no “Swap” option in my Valora app, where has it been moved pls?

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Hi Cleo! The most likely reason is a country restriction. Check out the note at the bottom of this support article.

If that’s not the issue, please open a ticket with our team for investigation. Best way to do that is to open Valora’s menu and tap Help > Contact. That way, you’re reaching our support team directly.

Thank you and Happy New Year! :tada:

I’m in UK, why would there be a restriction for UK? The swap button used to be there, now it’s not? I can change cUSD for CELO, but I can no longer swap my CELO to cUSD in the valora app?


Hi Cleo, as mentioned ihe article, the swap feature is not available due to UK regulatory restrictions.

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I joined Valora cos it was easy to wap. Moving all my investments out now, what’s the point… It’s no longer easy.

Thanks for the info xx