Strategic Grant For Accelerating Celo Ecosystem Adoption Across Africa

Hi @opera_minipay

In the spirit of opening the conversation, a few questions I’d love to hear more from the Opera team on. All of us building on Celo are aware of what a big opportunity Opera Mini Pay brings to our ecosystem :slight_smile:

  1. Opera’s marketing budget for Mini Pay. Is this request of the Community Fund designed to create the total budget to support all of Opera’s marketing activities related to Mini-Pay through Q1 2026? Or is this request designed to supplement additional marketing budget committed by Opera? Can you share more details about the total marketing spend being committed to this product, and how the community fund grant contributes to it? How does this shift as Mini-Pay becomes a revenue generating product for Opera? I am working under the assumptionthat as Mini Pay begins to generate revenue the marketing budget for Mini-Pay granted from Opera corporate marketing will grow, so curious if you can share more about that timeline, split & Opera’s commitment.

  2. @williamle raises a great point around how these funds will be used to support and champion the dapps driving usage in Mini Pay, and the overall KPIs being evaluated. All of the dapps currently featured in Mini Pay are small-scale companies that already in many cases are lacking basic Marketing & Comms 101 functions and budgets. Can you please expand on your thoughts around how this budget will be used to support Celo based dapps that were already building on Celo? How do you see Mini-Pays KPIs?

  3. I’m curious if this grant proposal takes into account @LuukDAO 's analysis of the on-chain Celo Community fund to date in preparing the request? Please see this post for reference. Celo Community Proposals and Treasury Overview: Apr 2020 - Nov 2023 - #4 by therealstone
    I am asking because as a member of the Celo Community, there has been a very clear and open discussion critiquing the lack of visibility into the on-chain Community fund, its use of funds, and how well it serves the Celo ecosystem. Only now has Luuk created the visibility into the treasury, the runway, and the competing priorities in order to do a better job moving forward. Given the nascent state of that analysis and the limited funds available in the community fund, I am curious to hear from the Opera team a bit more on the size of this proposal relative to past proposals to date, especially given the current 24 month runway of the Community Fund, and this proposal would represent 68% of total available spend. I know many long-time members of the community were waiting on a clear analysis of the community fund before making further proposals of the on-chain fund, so I’m curious if and how this came into play.

Thank you in advance for your openness!