Rejecting CGP 11: Increase GasLimit to 13M

CGP-11 was proposed last week during the Celo Governance Community call to increase the gas limit from 10 Million to 13 Million.

User @zviad has noticed that the proposal accidentally included an extra 0, a typo that would result in the CGP-11 proposal planning an increase from 10 Million to 130 Million.

He posted the following in Discord:

celogovernance -i 11

ProposalID: 11



Stage: Queued

Proposed: 10/13/2020, 9:45:48 PM

Expires: 10/22/2020, 9:45:48 PM

UpVotes: 356999.778769567298193663


As we can see, the gasLimit value here is 130M, adding an extra 0 than the original proposal intended, which is an unfortunate typo.

The cLabs team is working on mitigating the issue currently.

Here are the following steps being taken by the cLabs team

You can follow along and track the issue here on Github

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