Proposal to introduce Colombian Peso (cCOP) Stable Coin

Hi I’ve got a few questions which will help me understand the proposal.

What is required to create a new stable coin?
How much reserve currency is needed?
What would be the method for using this digital currency (Do you have examples of how people will use COP)?

Where are you living at the moment? I like the way you think and would like to discuss projects that involve financial inclusion with you :slight_smile:

Hello check this post, it summarizes everything in a detailed plan:

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Nice! good to see progress on this, keep moving #WAGMI



I’ld like to see it here. It’s extremily necessary to have a cCOP stable coin in our ecosistem to improve the growth of our proyects. In indahouse ( we would check the possibility to be a use case for the cCOP


YEAH WE need it ASAP, @MarkusBerlin $cCOP Colombia es moving ahead, new stables raising. :raised_hands: #DoNot #Sleep #OnThis