$cCOP - Initial Liquidity and Marketing Plan


The launch of possible stablecoin pegged to the Colombian peso would provide a more stable and reliable alternative to the Colombian people that wants to get involved in the crypto ecosystem but they wants to use it for daily spending, Colombian people is used to think in local currencies and they don’t have an option for that because no one blockchain has this option, instead of this too many people have been used this as a excuse to launch some smart contracts in different blockchains and merchandise them as the “Colombian Crypto Peso” but all of themes finish in a rugpull and people lose faith in the crypto ecosystem.

This would make it easier for businesses and individuals to conduct financial transactions in Colombia, and it would help to promote economic growth.

In addition, a stablecoin pegged to the Colombian peso could help to increase the adoption and belief in crypto in Colombia. By providing a more stable and reliable option, the stablecoin could make it easier for Colombians to see the benefits of cryptocurrency and to adopt it as a form of payment.

For example, a stablecoin could be used to make payments for goods and services, to send remittances, or to invest in other cryptocurrencies. As more people in Colombia use stablecoins, the belief in crypto will likely increase.

However, the possible creation of the cCOP at first could suffer from lack of liquidity and this also means big slippages in swaps, which is not good for the usability and people will not like to use it because they lose in every swap.

This means that it is difficult to buy and sell cCOP, which makes it difficult for businesses and individuals to use it.

In order to address this problem and also to help in the adoption in this new stablecoin we have decide to ask the Celo Community Found a budget of 3.690.000 Celo (Aprox 1.476.800 USD), this budget is gonna be used as described in this document but in resume it will be designated 690.000 Celo (Aprox 276.000 USD) worth of Celo (16%) to marketing and business development plan and onboarding commerces plan for two years,1.250.000 Celo (Aprox 500.000USD) worth Celo (35%) to provide the backing for the Mento protocol Stable Token emission, 1.250.000 Celo (Aprox 500.000USD) worth Celo (35%) to provide liquidity to the DEX most commons and used pairs of the future cCOP such as Celo/cCOP, cCOP/cUSD, cCOP/cEUR and cCOP/cReal, 500.000 Celo (Aprox 200.000USD) worth Celo (14%) to provide liquidity to the on/off ramps most used in Colombia.

Item $USD Budget Celo Budget %
Collateral backing for cCOP $500.000 $1.250.000 35%
DEX (Staking Pools Budget) $500.000 $1.250.000 35%
CEX (OnRamp/OffRamp liquidity) $200.000 $500.000 14%
Marketing Plan Budget $276.000 $690.000 16%
Total $1.476.000 $3.690.000 100%

The proposal also includes the possibility in two years to give back the 1.750.000 Celo’s used to provide the initial DEX and CEX liquidity to the Celo Community Fund, we think in two years people should have adopted and provide enough liquidity to the pools that the funds can be retired and give it back to the fund.

The Celo tokens will be used to create different liquidity pools for the cCOP. These pools will allow users to buy and sell cCOP with ease. The Celo tokens will also be used to market the cCOP and raise awareness of the project. We believe that this proposal is essential to the success of the cCOP. With sufficient liquidity, the cCOP will be able to reach a wider audience and become a valuable asset for businesses and individuals in Colombia.


There are a number of reasons why people may have issues with having a digital asset different from the fiat they know. Some of these reasons include:

  • Lack of understanding: Many people are not familiar with digital assets, and they may be hesitant to use them because they do not understand how they work.
  • Fear of volatility: Digital assets can be volatile, meaning that their value can fluctuate significantly over time. This can make people hesitant to use them, as they may not want to risk losing money.
  • Security concerns: There are concerns about the security of digital assets. Some people worry that their assets could be stolen or lost, or that they could be hacked.
  • Regulatory uncertainty: The regulatory landscape for digital assets is still evolving. This can make people hesitant to use them, as they may not be sure what the rules are or how they will be enforced.
  • Scam coins are often created to look like legitimate projects, but they are actually designed to steal people’s money. They may promise high returns or unrealistic investment opportunities, but they are ultimately worthless.

The panorama of Colombia and cryptocurrencies

According to Chainalysis Colombia is the 15th country in cryptocurrency adoption in the world and is among the top 5 countries in the region along with countries like Brazil and Argentina.

According to data provided by Colombia Fintech and Portafolio transactions with cryptocurrencies for $70,000 million per month are conceived in the country and more than 600 sites have been tracked where they can be bought and sold.

Remittance flows to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2022 reached US$142 billion. Colombia is ranked number 4, after Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, in the regional ranking with US$9,429 million.

For the Colombian Central Bank, the Banco de la República, the cryptocurrencies (Concept SCD-14893 March 30, 2023):

  • They are not legal tender, as the Colombian Peso, represented in bills and coins, Colombian Peso is the only monetary unit that constitutes a means of payment with unlimited power of release, so there is no obligation to receive them as a form of payment.
  • They are not currencies because no international monetary authority has recognized them as currency and they are not backed by central banks.
  • They are not securities because they do not represent a right of a negotiable nature that is part of an issue, whose object or effect is to attract resources from the public.
  • They are not financial assets or cash equivalent to cash because they cannot be equated to highly liquid investments, readily used for transactions, or convertible to known amounts of cash.

However, the use of cryptocurrencies is not expressly prohibited, so it is allowed that people, if they agree, can freely accept making transactions with them. In fact, there are already several authorities that have ruled on the tax, accounting and commercial treatment of cryptocurrencies.

For the National Tax and Customs Direction - DIAN, the cryptocurrencies are cryptographically secure assets that correspond to intangible assets, capable of being valued that form part of the patrimony and can lead to obtaining income (Concept 915014 October 14, 2022).

The Superintendency of Companies said that it is a lawful object for companies to carry out operations or acts of trade with crypto assets (Concept 220-139607 July 17, 2023).

Technical Council of Public Accounting, in its Technical Orientation No. 20 of June 5, 2023, issued its concept of the accounting management of cryptocurrencies by stating that they are assets because they are a resource controlled by the entity from which it is expected to receive benefits. and therefore, depending on their use, they may be classified as inventory (IAS 2) or intangibles (IAS 38).

The existing liquidity of other cStables

Top 3 Protocols on Celo

We believe in the mission of “enable the real-world adoption of digital assets by providing transparent and reliable technological primitives to our partners around the world”, working with the correct partners and protocols is the perfect mix to achieve our common goals.

Font: DeFi Llama

UniSwap V3 Top Tokens By Daily Volume

The continuous work of the community contributes to adoption, and a perfect example of this is how the volume of the Uniswap protocol keeps growing.

Font: Uniswap Analytics (Date: 25/08/23)

UniSwap V3 Top Pools By Daily Volume

The relationship between liquidity pools and adoption is multifaceted, and their influence can be observed in several ways:

  • Market Efficiency
  • Improved User Experience
  • Yield Farming and Incentives
  • Cross-Platform Integration
  • Global Accessibility

Font: Uniswap Analytics (Date: 25/08/23)

A future cCOP and his adoption plan

What we want to solve

This proposal is aimed to solve the problem of liquidity for the further Stale Coin pegged to a Colombian Peso and also focused on a marketing strategy efforts to encourage people and commerces to use this new Stable Coin.

First advantage of this new stable coin could be that it can help to reduce the fear of volatility. Since the cCOP is pegged to the Colombian peso, its value will be relatively stable, which can make people more comfortable using it.

Second, a cCOP can help to simplify the process of buying and selling digital assets. Currently, it can be difficult and confusing to buy and sell digital assets, especially for people who are not familiar with them. A cCOP can make the process more straightforward, as it would be possible to buy and sell cCOPs using the same platforms that people use to buy and sell Colombian pesos.

Third, a cCOP can help to increase the liquidity of digital assets in Colombia. Liquidity is the ease with which an asset can be bought or sold. Currently, the liquidity of digital assets in Colombia is relatively low, which can make it difficult to buy and sell them at a fair price. A cCOP can increase the liquidity of digital assets in Colombia, as it would be a more widely accepted asset than some other digital assets.

Overall, a cCOP can help people to understand and adopt digital assets in a number of ways. It can reduce the fear of volatility, simplify the process of buying and selling digital assets, and increase the liquidity of digital assets in Colombia. These factors can make it easier for people to use digital assets, which can lead to increased adoption of digital assets in Colombia.

Here are some additional points that you may want to consider:

  • A cCOP could be used to educate people about digital assets. By providing a more familiar and stable option, people could be more open to learning about the benefits of other digital assets.
  • A cCOP could be used to promote the use of digital assets in businesses. By making it easier for businesses to accept digital payments, the cCOP could help to increase the adoption of digital assets in the economy.
  • A cCOP could be used to facilitate cross-border payments. By making it easier to send and receive money internationally, the cCOP could help to boost trade and economic growth.

The cCOP adoption

Here are some of the projects and businesses that we believe can start using cCOP as soon as it is launched:

  • Financial institutions: Financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, could start using cCOP to offer their customers the ability to buy, sell, and store cCOPs. This would make it easier for people to use cCOP for everyday transactions, such as paying bills and making purchases.
  • Retailers: Retailers, such as supermarkets and department stores, could start using cCOP to accept cCOPs as payment. This would make it easier for people to use cCOP to purchase goods and services.
  • Services companies: Services companies like professional health, law, account, engineers services could be an important economy sector to accept cCOPs as payment. Your national and international clients would be happier with this additional possibility to pay for these services.
  • Technology companies: Technology companies, such as software developers and payment processors, could start using cCOP to develop products and services that support cCOP. This would make it easier for people to use cCOP and for businesses to accept it as payment.

Business and projects that will use cCOP

The Team

  • The project leader would be responsible for overseeing the overall execution. They would be responsible for setting the team’s goals, developing a timeline, and ensuring that the project stays on track.
  • The treasury would be responsible for managing the cCOP’s in the liquidity pools. They would be responsible for manage the initial funds, creating a reserve, and managing the cCOP’s daily transactions.
  • The advisor will offer strategic guidance and growth expertise in the cryptocurrency industry and Colombian innovations, ensuring product expansion aligns with local regulations. Additionally, will provide key insights to support the project’s alignment with regulatory standards and best practices.
  • The legal advisor would be in charge of giving legal advice and arguments to validate that the commercial operations with the cCOP are valid and permitted from the point of view of Colombian regulation.
  • The business developer would be responsible for building relationships with businesses and organizations in the four principal states. They would be responsible for educating businesses about the cCOP and its benefits, and for helping businesses to integrate the cCOP into their operations. Colombia is a very big territory and with different cultures, we need to make different processes in each territory and we think about having 4 different zones abroad for development.
  • The Social Management would be responsible for creating and executing a marketing campaign for the cCOP. They would be responsible for raising awareness of the cCOP, educating people about its benefits, and encouraging people to adopt the cCOP.

By working together, this team could make the cCOP a success: The project leader would provide the vision and direction, the treasury would ensure that the cCOP is financially secure and with enough liquidity, the business developers would build relationships with key stakeholders, the legal advisor would give legal solidity to the validity of economic transactions, and the social management would raise awareness and promote adoption.

With a strong team in place, the cCOP has the potential to be a successful project. The team would need to work hard and be patient, but if they are successful, the cCOP could have a positive impact on the Colombian economy and the lives of Colombians.

The Budget

Collateral backing for cCOP emision Budget ($500,000USD - 1,250,000 Celo)

The new mento platform allows anyone to emit a stable token using cUSD as collateral to backup the emission of the new token

DEX Staking Pools Budget ($500,000USD - 1,250,000 Celo)

Overall, creating liquidity for a cCOP is an important step in promoting the adoption of the currency. By making cCOP more liquid and easier to use, liquidity pools can make the currency more attractive to businesses and individuals. This can lead to further growth in the cCOP ecosystem and make it a more used currency.

Staking pools will be in UniSwap V3 as following:

  • Celo/cCOP: $275,000
  • cCOP/cUSD: $100,000
  • cCOP/cEUR: $75,000
  • cCOP/cREAL: $50,000

Liquidity pools can also help to promote the use of cCOP for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. DeFi applications allow users to perform financial transactions, such as lending, borrowing, and trading, without the need for a centralized third party. By providing liquidity for cCOP, liquidity pools can make it easier for users to use these DeFi applications. This can further increase the adoption of cCOP.

By creating liquidity pools with other stablecoins beside the benefit of maintain the value of the budget we are asking for, by providing a way for users to swap cCOP for stablecoins at a fair price and giving them the possibility to swap between all the different stablecoins that exist in the Celo Ecosystem benefiting the remittances and the financial inclusion of everyone Colombian abroad the world.

Use of Generated Swap Fees

  • The swap fees generated by the use of the liquidity pools will be used to maintain the value of the budget.
  • Any extra value that is generated will be used to promote the use of the cCOP, such as giving incentives for those who are using it or emphasizing the marketing efforts.
  • Organize educational events, such as meetups, conferences, and hackathons, about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Fund local charities and non-profit organizations that are working to improve the lives of Colombians.

CEX - OnRamp/OffRamp Liquidity ($200,000USD - 500,000 Celo)

We believe that the best alternative to introduce a cCOP (Colombian Peso-backed cryptocurrency) to the market is by forming alliances with platforms that already engage directly with users using both crypto and fiat currencies in their daily transactions.

How do these alliances work? We provide the platforms with sufficient capital to establish liquidity for buying and selling cCOP. This approach helps introduce the stable coin to the community and provides users with the opportunity to shield themselves from volatility while enjoying quicker transactions at a reduced cost.

As adoption grows and the platforms begin to earn a percentage of the transactions involving cCOP, they start returning liquidity to the proposal. This liquidity is then added back to the staking, and the platforms maintain the coinflow by utilizing Liquidity Pools.

Marketing Plan Budget ($276.000USD - 690.000 Celo)

Item Description Rate Duration Budget
Project Leader Overall project management, setting goals, and coordinating efforts across the team $2,000/month 24 months $48,000
Advisor Provide strategic guidance and expertise in growth and the cryptocurrency industry and Colombian innovations, expanding products to align with local regulations. $1,500/month 24 months $36,000
Treasury Management Oversee the financial operations of the project, including managing the reserves, ensuring sufficient liquidity, and optimizing the treasury for growth $1,000/month 24 months $24,000
Legal Responsible for the legal advice of the project and the defense of the interests of the project before different authorities and people. $500/month 24 months $12,000
Business Developer Lead - Bogotá Responsible for establishing partnerships with local financial institutions, businesses, and other stakeholders. They will play a key role in ensuring the adoption of the $cCop in the Colombian market. $1,000/month 24 months $24,000
Business Developer (Center) Responsible for establishing partnerships with local financial institutions, businesses, and other stakeholders. They will play a key role in ensuring the adoption of the $cCop in the Colombian market. $1,000/month 24 months $24,000
Business Developer (Antioquia) Responsible for establishing partnerships with local financial institutions, businesses, and other stakeholders. They will play a key role in ensuring the adoption of the $cCop in the Colombian market. $1,000/month 24 months $24,000
Social Management Focus on community engagement, managing social media channels, and creating content to educate and promote the Stable Coin. $500/month 24 months $12,000
Marketing and Activation Budget Oversee marketing and activation budget for CELO’s cCOP campaign, implementing strategic allocation for maximum impact and adoption. (Travel expenses to different locations of the country, merchandise, venues, food.) $3,000/month 24 months $72,000
Total $276,000

Risks involved

  • Market Risk: The value of digital currencies can be highly volatile. If the value of cCOP pools experiences significant fluctuations, it could impact the value of the liquidity we have provided. We expect the yield generated will cover potential loss across all staking pools.
  • Security Risk: Digital currencies are susceptible to cyber attacks, hacking attempts, and security breaches. Protecting user funds and personal information should be a top priority to maintain trust.
  • Economic Risk: Economic factors, both within Colombia and globally, can influence the demand for digital currencies. Economic downturns or uncertainties can impact user behavior and the willingness to participate in liquidity pools.

Returning budget or transition into a DAO

We plan to give back the liquidity we receive from the Community Found after two (2) years by withdrawing the liquidity provided. This would return the cCOP to the community and help to promote the further adoption of the Blockchain.

Another option is to keep the project running and transitioning this multisign into a DAO and keep running the DAO with the generated swap fees and further projects like loans platforms focused in the Colombian Community.

This decision should be taken after two (2) years through another governance proposal.

Initial Multisig

A Multisig wallet will be used to manage and deploy the funds with a threshold 4/8 approvals to any transaction in future open to more contributors.

The Multisig contract address is 0x6C6Dc3D4869d9812d80600B9F7f291e13Ee73D49 and can be found here.

The initial signers on this multisig are:

  • AO:

    • I have been engaged in community and ecosystem growth efforts, currently working across multiple ecosystems and projects to understand how to adopt and attract more users to the web3 ecosystem. While my involvement in the project may not be complete, I am a strong supporter, committed to putting all my efforts into its successful delivery
    • Multisign Address: 0x94194d1280A5B45aBE551e41b69E1059059735AF
  • Juan Giraldo:

    • I have been contributing to Celo mission some time ago spreading the word in Colombia, getting people involved in the ecosystem, doing workshops and talks, creating and running local communities in ImpactMarket platform, working also closely with all the ReFi Movement and leading the ReFiMedellìn node in Colombia. I have been also involved in the creation of the W3LAtamDAO since the beginning and conception creating the PR y and submitting proposal on chain as many times needed to succes, I have been also working hard helping Celo as a Moderator since two year now and part also of the CGP Team since one year. I really like to put this proposal and I am supper committed it to work that’s what I take almost one year since the original idea, but now is the right time to move on.
    • Multisign Address: 0x8f51DC0791CdDDDCE08052FfF939eb7cf0c17856
  • londo.eth:

    • +15 years of experience on growth and operations, I have worked across various industries, including ed techs, startups, and multinational marketing giants, making significant contributions to the world of crypto through my involvement in projects like Binance. My role has been pivotal in driving operational growth. Currently, I am leading the growth efforts of a dynamic startup spanning Latin America, fueled by my passion for introducing innovative solutions to the region.
    • Multisign Address 0xaAa6F4Fb5931C595648fF0df4D79B42FbA949187
  • Ximena Monclou:

    • Colombian Lawyer and Accountant, Specialist and Magister in Corporate and Taxes. Enthusiast of creative and technological ventures, like blockchain (NFT art lover), VR, AR, IA, IoT and more. I am passionate about the DeFi and ReFi worlds too. I consider myself an entrepreneurial woman. I am a partner in a law firm and an accounting firm in Medellín, Colombia. I am also the Co-founder of a social entrepreneurship that promotes people’s creative talent and the cultural and creative economy.
    • Multisign Address: 0x0ce522CAD66Fa4D6529B2Db76E0A91D53296D58b
  • Wabisabi:

    • +5 years of experience on Business Development Manager and Partnerships working close to web3 projects related to financial inclusion, worked as a Ecosystem Lead on Celo Foundation making impact in Colombia, Venezuela, Perú, Panamá. Full stack developer in progress and Growth strategy enthusiast.
    • Multisign Address: 0xdA922F873Ebb14f225b474Cb0Aa044bA999253CB
  • Pin0x:

    • Anonymous person involved in accounting and blockchain technology, dedicated to actively managing private funds through various DeFi protocols. I firmly believe that blockchain is the ideal solution for those who cannot access traditional finance and we should focus on the solution of this kind of thing. That’s why I am supportive of this project and will put all my efforts into delivering it.
    • Multisign Address: 0xb3bDbD3713ed7D91ef992C360D9e6913982Fb1eb
  • Milton Henao:

    • Blockchain Specialist Engineer and Business Developer with 5 years of experience in blockchain and Industry 4.0 projects, specializing in the fintech sector and digital asset trading. Proficient in DeFi, DEX, and web3 protocols, and member in the past of the Celo Ambassadors Program.
    • Multisign Address: 0x755e153481e3360Bfb9f81A61157dA6F9a4cBC43
  • 0xflypeztic

    • I’ve recently entered the dynamic world of Web3 and have been actively exploring the ecosystem, continually learning and building on my existing expertise. With a solid background in social media management and graphic design, I currently manage the social media presence of various organizations, including ReFi Medellin, Fundación Salvaterra, Green Digital Guardian, CekiIrgCo, and more. Over the past few months, I’ve been actively engaged in Web3 projects, applying my skills in these areas. My journey in the Web3 world is just starting, and I’m committed to continuous exploration, learning, and skill development.
    • Multisign Address: 0x9F75582d2bE13b5EE454161EE394daadA8B39efa

Buena!!! Desde Salva Terra nos gusta.


The crypto and fintech market in Colombia deserves a serious project with strong support like this. For the well-being and trust of the crypto community in the country and the development of a stablecoin pegged to the Colombian peso, this initiative should thrive


Here’s a positive feedback on the proposal:

  1. Addressing a Real Problem: The proposal identifies a clear and pressing issue in Colombia where people are hesitant to use cryptocurrencies due to the lack of a stable and reliable option tied to their local currency. This is a real problem that needs a solution.

  2. Community Engagement : The inclusion of social management and marketing efforts shows a commitment to not only developing the technology but also promoting its use and educating the public. This will be key in driving adoption.

  3. Community Involvement: The multisig wallet and the team members’ backgrounds indicate community involvement and transparency, which are critical in a crypto project.

Overall, this proposal presents a well-thought-out plan to address a genuine problem in the Colombian cryptocurrency market. With a strong team and a focus on stability and liquidity, cCOP has the potential to be a valuable addition to the crypto ecosystem in Colombia.


Thank @saxcross for your feedback.
And yes to be clear the idea of this proposal is to have a very good team that can cover all the scope of the proposal, And all the profiles are well knowed and have been done a lot of work for the whole crypto ecosystem frim Bussines Developers. Content Creators, Designers, Treasury Managers, and legal, financial and taxes profile. I think we are full covered in all the necessary areas.


Nice proposal! Very good, by the way, it would be nice to have a few pairs of the cCop.

It really is something necessary and taking into account that Colombia has a very important role in the crypto sector in the South American region it would be very good to see a pair in cCop.
I know from experience that many traders do not dare to accept tokens that they do not know, one of the reasons being price volatility and slippage.

Local markets places* always feel the slippage and volatility of not working with a stablecoin so I think it would be a good way to reach a lot of people.
Exited for this proposal! :slight_smile:


Una excelente propuesta, perfecta para apoyar al mercado fintech en crecimiento del país.


It sounds prommissing! :smiley:
How ever I do have one concern, on the initial multisig: I think it should have over half of the approvals to any transaction to pass. I see it kind of the same way as a concensus is reached, over half of the resources should convey the same response. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Indeed, liquidity is important for any token to becoming successful. A few comments here: 1) Liquidity management should be focused on AMM/DEX 2) Remove direct pairing <cCOP, cEURO>, <cCOP, cREAL> so as to concentrated liquidity in <cCOP, CELO> and <cCOP, cUSD> and rely on routing to different currencies like cEURO, cREAL. 3) What is the target market cap of cCOP along the timeline since this will impact the liquidity needed?

The liquidity challenge can be better solved by using Double since it will open to all CELO holders to support cCOP. For tapping the Celo Community Fund for liquidity, we are currently working on a governance proposal to request a portion of the CELO in the Celo Community Fund to support all Celo token projects via Double, and we can loop cCOP’s liquidity request into this proposal.

On a different note: the key to success of cCOP is to drive the adoption of cCOP. I would encourage the team to focus on the task of driving adoption. And hence maybe it is better to separate the marketing plan into another governance proposal.


Dada la creciente adopción de criptomonedas en Colombia, el momento es ideal para el lanzamiento de un cCOP. Esta stablecoin nativa podría ayudar a acelerar aún más el uso de criptoactivos y traer grandes beneficios económicos al país. Por lo tanto me parece una idea y plan bien planteado para seguir con el proyecto.
Según los detalles para manejar la campaña se ve un equipo y linea seria para la adopción de una stablecoin a Colombia. Veo un futuro para la realización de trasferencias por medio del cCOP.

Given the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies in Colombia, the time is ideal for the launch of a cCOP. This native stablecoin could help further accelerate the use of crypto assets and bring great economic benefits to the country. Therefore, implementing it seems like a well-conceived idea and plan to me to move forward with the project.

According to the details to handle the campaign, a serious team and plan are evident for the adoption of a stablecoin in Colombia. I foresee a future for making transfers through cCOP.


The launch of a stablecoin pegged to the Colombian peso certainly represents a significant opportunity for the crypto ecosystem in Colombia and, in general, for the country’s economy. The availability of a local stablecoin would provide Colombians with a more attractive and stable option to engage in daily transactions, something that has been an obvious need in the crypto world. Excellent proposal


When identifying the budget, how did you determine the values required for each liquidity pool?

Excelent proposal! For now, the creation of a stable cryptocurrency associated with the Colombian peso would allow MercadoNFT users to avoid the volatility of other cryptocurrencies and have greater stability when carrying out transactions on the platform. Good team!


Love to see this proposal finally coming out and more than happy to help in the adoption of this new stable token integrating it in our investment platform. :bank:

Our mission is to give some sort of opportunity for people to build a retirement personal fund, and we know people are gonna feel more familiar investing in their local currency. :colombia:


Great proposal. Introducing a stablecoin pegged to the Colombian peso will help adoption in Colombia and be beneficial to Celo’s ecosystem. The proposed budget seems well balance.


This is the kind of solutions we need en LatinAmerica!!! Let’s go!!


Love the proposal and I’m in support of it. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds in the Celo ecosystem and Latam America.


To determine the values required for each liquidity pool when identifying the budget, we are considering the following factors:

Total trading volume: The assets in the liquidity pool determines how much liquidity is needed to meet the needs of the market. The first liquidity would be based on the best pools that already the market have.

Price volatility: The price volatility of the assets in the liquidity pool determines how much liquidity is needed to absorb price swings and prevent slippage.

Target liquidity: Is the desired level of liquidity. This will be set, based on the needs of the market and the overall goals of the project.

Risk tolerance: The amount of risk that the liquidity provider is willing to assume. Influenced by factors such as the project’s reputation, the team’s experience, and the overall market conditions.

It is important to note that the values required for each liquidity pool will change over time. This is due to factors such as changes in trading volume, price volatility, and risk tolerance. It is important to monitor the liquidity pool on a regular basis and make adjustments as needed.


Hi Juan and team,

Congrats on getting this conversation started with a well-written plan.

First, I generally don’t think Celo Governance should vote on any significant proposals in the coming period until we’ve resolved the proposals articulated in Celo Governance Development Sprint ahead of CEL2 and connected threads.

Sharing my initial feedback on the proposal:

  1. My biggest concern: Lack of an existing and formal group taking charge of this initiative, building a team + organization + driving adoption simultaneously is a costly and intense effort. I would rather have an existing company or team make a real commitment (capital/talent/support) before considering an ask of this size.

  2. Connected to that, it’s unclear who “We” is in this proposal and how the group would be organized. I see various names on the multisig who seem capable; however, it’s unclear which person is committing to which role and how this group will be formalized.

  3. Based on the Multi-sig names, it seems the Treasurer will be an “anon” which is a major red flag for various reasons.

  4. Size of the ask: I think the 2-year scope and requested liquidity are too high. I believe market demand and potential could be proven with an initial 6-month budget with much smaller pools (and less). I would imagine something in the direction of:

~$50-100K USD worth of cCOP minted through Mento
~ $25k USD worth of cCOP <> cUSD and cCOP <> CELO liquidity each
~ $25K USD of OnRamp/OfRamp liquidity - Only work with 1 or 2 venues
Pilot / Marketing plan budget for 6 months.

In addition, I believe large liquidity asks should follow separate rules and remain under direct custody of the Celo Treasury. This includes Collateral Backing, DEX Liquidity, and CEX Liquidity.


Hi, I believe that a cCOP would be a very interesting project that may generate engagement thru the local society over Web3 solutions. Financial inclusion in Colombia remains a challenge and vulnerable populations are skeptic about tokens with different value or names. Having a cCOP could aleviate this barrier and create welfare for a lot of communities.