Celo Governance Development Sprint ahead of CEL2

This thread aims to consolidate recent discussion in the We Need to Talk about Governance and Mento Reserve: Returning Celo and suggest the start of a Governance Sprint in the coming six weeks to create guidelines for Governance and Treasury Management to submit for review to Celo Governance ahead of the Celo Layer 2 transition and start of the new year.

Background & Rationale
As the Celo Ecosystem grows and becomes more distributed, it’s essential to have clear Governance guidelines, an overarching strategy to guide us, and pathways for Celo contributors across the board to collaborate effectively.

The current processes are sub-optimal and don’t clarify various Governance and Community Fund budgeting aspects. The recent We Need to Talk About Governance thread highlights some of the current limitations, including but not limited to Improving proposal quality, Overall Transparency, and approachability, Strategic Use of Funds, and Democratization of Votes.

As we’re at a critical crossroads, moving to an L2 soon and slowly coming out of a bear market, now is the right moment to iterate on the Celo Ecosystem vision and processes.

Initiating a Governance Sprint
I propose starting a Governance Sprint led by a small working group that would spend the next 6weeks iterating with all Celo stakeholders on improved Governance and Community Treasury (Fund) guidelines to have a clear framework ready for voting in the second half of November to serve as a common ground for Celo’s development in 2024.

What the Governance Sprint would tackle:
A. Urgently Improving the overall governance process: providing clear pathways for the various areas of Governance, comparable to Three Pillars of Polygon or the Optimism Collective.

Phase 1: The sprint will map existing Celo Governance stakeholders and infrastructure. An overview and comparison of Governance frameworks will be created, and learnings will be harvested.

Deliverable: Public Notion Workspace documenting the learnings and takeaways
Est Duration: 2 weeks from the posting of this thread

Phase 2: Improved Governance guidelines will be developed and proposed to Celo Governance to formalize. The improved framework will be based on the insights gained in the first phase of this sprint, the Celo Vision, and the technical capabilities of Celo.

Deliverable: CGP outlining new Governance processes and related changes to critical Celo Resources (governance docs/website/tools) submitted to Celo Governance.
Est Duration: 4 weeks from the end of Phase 1

B. Improving Ecosystem Strategy guidelines and measurables: To guide resource allocation and reward positive actions (e.g. RPGF as implemented by Optimism).

Phase 1: Setting up accounting for the Community Treasury (Fund) and providing a framework and tools for sustainably allocating resources.

Deliverables: A publicly visible Community Fund Accounting dashboard, CGP proposing Resource Allocation and Community Fund operation Guidelines.
Est Duration: 4 Weeks from the posting of this thread

Phase 2: Analyze and propose the following claim from the Mento Reserve as voted on in CGP 102 to increase the Community Treasury (Fund) size in line with Mento Reserve stability and CELO liquidity.

Deliverables: CGP proposes a specific claim from the Mento Treasury to the Community Treasury (Fund).
Est Duration: 2 Weeks from posting the draft Resource Allocation and Community Fund CGP.

How the Working Group would operate:
The working group will consist of three members with diverse relationships with Celo and experience with creating functional governance processes and programs. Luuk Weber will lead the active group.

The working group members will actively seek input from the Celo ecosystem through the following means:

  • Updates and threads in the Celo Forum
  • Weekly open office session (Suggested time: Thursday at 3 PM CET - Join first call here)
  • Hosting Workshops around specific topics with relevant stakeholders

If you’re a Celo stakeholder who wants to play a more active role beyond giving input through the forum in this sprint, please comment on this thread or shoot us a DM with your email & TG handle!

We aim to submit draft versions of our proposals and recommendations on the forum by early November.

We also plan to host a workshop space in the morning of November 14th, during DevConnect week, for in-person discussions.

After a final round of feedback and polishing, we aim to submit the final version of the framework for a vote by the second half of November.

While we understand that six weeks is a relatively short timeframe for such a critical Governance sprint and acknowledge it will be challenging to pull in all voices and balancer input perfectly, we’ll do our best to synthesize all input and make practical and value-aligned recommendations. This working group aims to start living Governance of Celo, where more iterations will be made in 2024 as the Celo Ecosystem matures.

Regardless of these challenges, I believe the Celo Ecosystem will get stronger and more capable of leading the development of Regenerative Finance and realizing prosperity for all.


As a CGP Editor I agree with you that it is essential to have clear Governance guidelines!

I support this. I am eager to give my feedback and excited for the changes that this will bring to the Celo Governance :slight_smile:


Appreciate you guys taking the initiative on this, @LuukDAO, Aaron, and Lau!
Very happy to be a thought partner and support this work from Celo Foundation side.


Thanks @LuukDAO for presenting our charter here!

Personally I’m keen to see what technologies have improved in the last couple of years that we can leverage here. Not only the obvious classics Snapshot etc, but some of the new suites from Allo etc.

What I want to get out of this working group is some tactical items we can get to straight away (some of them mentioned recently), and some longer-term strategic plans for how to manage the community fund into the future.

Regarding our mandate to take on this work: there is none! We are a self-selected group, looking at some of the points raised this year around governance. While this initiative is essentially coming from community members, we all have pretty close ties to the ecosystem and will be keeping everyone abreast of our progress and recommendations.

I don’t think it’s any secret the Foundation and other stakeholders would love the community to step up and take on more self-direction and ownership of the protocol, so I want this working group to one of many bottom-up efforts in the future.


x-posting here that proposal 140 Add New Governance Approvers Temperature Check is still short on votes, and there are a few hours to go… please vote if you haven’t already!


Love this initiative, and I have lots of thoughts!

This time makes it tough for some of us in PT to attend.

@ericnakagawa would it be possible to use the existing Governance Planning Calls?

Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Time: 8:30 AM PDT / 11:30 AM EDT / 3:30 PM UTC


Yes, the folks are welcome to share the ongoing work during the next recurring Governance Planning Call.


Yeah I was thinking the same, why don’t use the Scheduled BiWeekly Governance Call to move forward with this.

Also @LuukDAO I will be happy to join you guys and try to help.

@Wade @0xGoldo and I have been working also in this Document trying to build a good guide through this process maybe you can take a look into it.

  • Next Governance Planning Call
    • Date: Tuesday, Oct 31, 2023
    • Time: 8:30 AM PDT / 11:30 AM EDT / 3:30 PM UTC
    • Tune in here

Great, we can use this call to progress more extensive conversations and use the check-in calls for specific smaller discussions. Happy to present the research progress and discuss some key topics on the 31st of October!

Hey Tim, we picked the current 3 PM CEST slot to avoid overlap with the Climate Collective call, but it would be great to have you and other PT-based folks around!

One solution would be to host the call on the Bi-Weekly Gov call slot instead, turning it into a weekly call for the coming six weeks.

Hope that solution works - if so, I already created the Call Link for this week on Tuesday 24th at 3:30 PM UTC

Thank you for driving this Luuk, Lau and Aaron! I’d love to participate as a community holder. My biggest concern is what I voiced in a prior thread about issues with governance particularly the voice of smaller holders and the lack of consistency in reporting for funds that have already been deployed.

I know time zones are tough but agree that would be great to have a time to meet that is friendlier than 6:30 am PT.