Proposal to introduce Colombian Peso (cCOP) Stable Coin

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Thank you, @MilaRioja , I’ll probably be around…


Hey Juan!
You’ve mentioned very interesting projects, I like Unergy and its alignment with the growing environmental awareness. It seems there’s already a lot of smart ideas out there, ready to meet mainstream!

However, the gap between the popular culture (also many other cultures) and crypto culture is immense. How are we going to close the gap between financial literacy and financial illiteracy? Being illiterate in finance could only represent the lack of software and hardware? We already know the answer; there’s definitely a lot of other issues involved (geopolitics, Land ownership, violence, generational trauma, monopolies, greediness, etc.).

Here is where I see a lot of potential in Celo Ecosystem: Celo is trying to blend crypto/blockchain/Web3… technologies into other sciences/issues of our societies, and for this integration between computing technology and “other technologies” and sciences/issues in societies, there must be a middle path of EDUCATION as a mediator in this historical moment.

There’s still many things in life that we can do efficiently without blockchain and even a computer. And there’s also many things in our society that could work way better with crypto/blockchain technology. So to what extend is it valid to force people to assimilate this technology?

What would be the difference between the violent and painful Colonization process in the whole world, and trying to evangelize people to use, almost, blindly crypto?

I believe we can learn from our past and make things way better!

I believe that not only non-crypto people would learn about crypto, but also crypto enthusiasts/developers/investors,etc. will learn the ways in which other people view money/technology/life, etc.

I believe there will be people who will take crypto out of its own comfort zone and blend it beautifully with other “cosmovisions” without making it an obstacle for either side, but promoting diversity and development!

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Hey @Mr.Nobody bro
Nobody is trying to evangelize people to use crypto. Nobody is trying to force people anyway. Everyone is free to do his own research and decide for itself.

Nobody is saying that crypto is the only way to be efficient. There are a lot of other ways to be efficient. The nature can show us a lot of ways to be efficient. :sauropod:

For my, crypto is just a new way to approach such things and we can use crypto in our favor and in favor of nature and ecology. :seedling:

And the proposal for the $cCOP is just a proposal because i think this could be an opportunity for people to get financial inclusion and make their resources more efficients, but for sure not all the people wants to be involved in Crypto, is their personal desicion if they dont wanna use the $cCOP and the Celo Blockchain and their prefers to use traditional methods is their desicion. I mean if you prefer to pay US$10 for a remittance instead of using a crypto wallet and pay US$0.001 for the same remittance is your decision.

I agree with you that the technology is a barrier that not everybody has acces, but at least people that has a SmartPhone has the posibility to use the crypto technology.

Thanks for your comments and vision :grinning:


To keep the post updated I share with you the regulatory updated in Colombia:

Colombian House of Representatives approve the bill for Cryptoactives Exchanges, just another step before the Senate approve the bill.

As part of the approval of this bill in the Colombian House of Representatives, the creation of the Single Registry of Cryptoactive Platforms in Colombia (RUPIC) was also authorized.

Link to notice:

Link to Twitter Post:

Link to Senate publication:

Download the project draft:

Also you can take a look at the princiapl newspapper of Medellín and it has a lot of articles related to Crypto, one of them talking abut Stables.


Really good proposal


Hi @juancamp1987 ! So much was done to push this forward. Congratulations for the efforts and happy to collab with you.


I think it is a great proposal since as in almost all of Latin America, in Colombia people have great difficulties in accessing a stable currency and the only easy alternative offered by the market is to change COP Colombian pesos to dollars in cash with the exchange rates. designated by the mint houses since to open an account in dollars an endless number of procedures and requirements are required. It would also be a great opportunity for people to access a new world of decentralized economy and progressively adopt blockchain technology, taking advantage of the great boom that is currently in the country for everything related to the crypto issue.


It is a great initiative, I think that in our country it is important to provide transaction tools to many areas that traditional banking cannot or does not want to reach.


Awesome proposal @juancamp1987 , congratulations and count me in!


It is incredible to find these proposals and it is difficult to understand why they have not been carried out.

From our perspective, we believe that it is a great idea and it would be very helpful for the growth of the Celo Blockchain Ecosystem in Colombia, as well as it would also greatly facilitate adoption considering that there is already $cUSD and $cREAL, which would very viable to receive remittances from the countries of origin of these currencies and exchange them for the local currency $cCOP.

We should move forward with this initiative. 100% supportive here.


If this is a problem from a technical side I will be happy to join the crew of builders willing to make it happen ASAP.

In summary, the proposal is about introducing a stable coin for the Colombian Peso (cCOP). According to @juancamp1987, Colombia is in the top 10 in Cryptoassets transactions, with over 3.1 million people, 6.1% of Colombia’s total population, currently owning cryptocurrency. Colombia ranked fourth in the world for Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin.

@Davidmriascos, who has been creating an ecosystem for the Celo community in Colombia, agrees with the proposal for cCOP. He believes that cCOP could help to close a financial inclusion gap that has a market of +700K USD per day for people asking for loans outside of the formal market. He suggests that people and merchants accepting cUSD and COP with Valora app, Cobru, and others could easily demonstrate to people that they are credit-worthy just by showing their addresses and not bank accounts, or provide an easy way to join the DeFi ecosystem like Unergy. also thinks that cCOP should be a priority, and if it can be added to the Celo ecosystem, it will help a lot with the crypto adoption in Colombia.

So make it happen #WAGMI :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: #GePeToApproveeThis


I am agree with this important initiative “introduce Colombian Peso like a stable coin”
because I think, in this moments, the economy and political situation need ASAP, we need to have other ways to pay and to our transactions. I think is necessary more adoption in the ecosystem and this is an excellent way to achieve it!


Wow, amazing proposal, we will integrate it in the rewards system of our protocol when this new StableCoin be alive.
This could helps a lot with adoption of Web3 technologies in our Country :colombia:


Congratulations on the proposal to introduce the Colombian Peso (cCOP) Stable Coin! This is a great initiative that has the potential to revolutionize the way people in Colombia interact with the global financial system.

I have one question about the proposal: what are the plans for ensuring the stability of the cCOP? Stablecoins are only as good as the underlying assets that back them, so it’s important to have a strong plan in place to protect the value of the cCOP.

I would be happy to help in any way I can to get this proposal executed. I have experience in the financial industry and I am familiar with the regulatory landscape in Colombia. I would be happy to share my knowledge and expertise with the team working on this project.

Thank you for your work on this important initiative!


I think it’s a great proposition now because it will further improve adoption and easy to convert from fiat to crypto. Many exchange and P2P marketplaces currently use the dollar to exchange for pesos, it would be more intuitive to use cCOP as a currency for exchange. The use of new cCOP currency would help to drive financial inclusion In Colombia.


Totally agree with you.
The question is how? We need to generate more trust and knowledge in the people. I think :thinking:


The time looks better now to propose again the cCOP, to revive Celo’s mission of a diverse ecosystem of currencies backed with mento. With proper tokenomics and the right incentives the cCOP could lead the interesting use cases such as lending to SMEs which have a visible pain point (e.g. are doing interesting with Colombian SMEs) and thus create a real demand for a stablecoin


Come on folks lets engage in a brand new post

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The crypto and fintech market in Colombia deserves a serious project with strong support like this. For the well-being and trust of the crypto community in the country and the development of a stablecoin pegged to the Colombian peso, this initiative should thrive

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