Hello Celo Community,
Shubham Maheshwari from India, Woking for Web3 space for more than 3.5 years and worked with so many projects like Defi, and Metaverse.Community Manager & Community Builder with Over 5K Globally | Social Media Manager & Marketing Outreach | Web3 Speaker & Growth Hacker.

After seeing a marketing channel like Celo Insider, I still believe there should be a dedicated youtube channel for Celo and Celo Ecosystem.

It’s time to work on Celo & Celo Ecosystem, As there are not any specific videos and youtube channels for these projects, Also these channels cover all the Celo Ecosystem projects and can be used for education purposes. The above Videos are made by a professional team under the guidance of the research team for the project. We also make these Video Creative and Common as anyone can use these Videos for their marketing purpose in Celo Ecosystem.

My Proposal for Celo Ecosystem Youtube Channel

  • Youtube Channel Name: Celo Insights
  • Video to be covered: Celo Weekly Highlights | Celo Ecosystem Projects
  • Creating Telegram Channel and solving the community query
  • Social media boost: Whatever we post on youtube we will promote on all the social media, including Telegram, Twitter

Metrics in 1 Month Approx in Organic

Daily Youtube Video Views: 100- 200 Views as its new channel and niche audience
Youtube Subscribers - 100- 500
Telegram Community - 20 - 50
Social Media ( Twitter | Instagram ) 50 -100 Followers

Funding scheme: Funding Request for August Months

We Would like to start with $1000

  • Youtube Channel Creation
  • 6 Videos on Celo Ecosystem Project + 1 Influencer Video
  • Research + Content + Recording
  • Logo | Banner | Channel Art & Per Video Thumbnail Design
  • Camera Setup | Green Screen | Video Editing Cost
  • Social Media Marketing Including Paid + Organic
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Hi @Shubham, welcome to the Celo Community! Thank you for stopping by the forum and putting together this proposal.

I wanted to share some ways you could contribute. We have a Celo Org YouTube channel that currently houses a lot of our content. I think it’s smart to grow one channel rather than dispersing the audience across many different channels since this one already has momentum.

We also have a content contribution program called Celo Sage where community members can be rewarded for contributing education content about the Celo Ecosystem in the form of Documentation, Blogs, Tutorials, Videos, Presentations.

If you would like to contribute video content you can take a look at the process here, and also reach out to the team in the #celo-sage channel on Discord.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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yes, I saw that, but what I am proposing is to create a channel were will define the Celo and Celo Ecosystem, Project in-depth… Organize and AMA and also work towards creating Reels and Education content