Proposal: Funding for CeloDaily to Boost Ecosystem Growth

Dear Community Members,

We are excited to present to you a proposal that we believe will greatly benefit our community and ecosystem. The proposal aims to secure funding for the ongoing operations of CeloDaily, a channel that has provided crucial information, news, and stories about Celo and various projects in the ecosystem since 2021.

By supporting this proposal, we can continue to build engagement with the Celo community, increase the reach and impact of Celo and CeloDaily, and benefit the Celo Foundation and ecosystem. Our objective is to increase awareness and interest about Celo and diverse projects in the ecosystem and from the outside, allowing new projects to gain recognition quickly.

Let us work together towards a brighter future for the Celo community and ecosystem. We appreciate your support and look forward to your participation.

CeloDaily Team.


@CeloDaily is the top Celo-dedicated influencer at the center of the Celo ecosystem, and its presence on Twitter is essential for the Celo Foundation and diverse projects built on Celo. The objective of this proposal is to secure funding for the ongoing operations of CeloDaily to continue building engagement with the community, increasing its reach and impact, and benefiting the Celo Foundation and ecosystem. In addition, to increase awareness and interest in Celo and diverse projects in the ecosystem, CeloDaily will run a newly and specially designed Twitter Ads campaign for ecosystem projects.

For more information about CeloDaily, please visit: and

Why CeloDaily

Since 2021, CeloDaily has provided crucial information, news, educational contents and stories about Celo and various projects in the ecosystem. This has allowed the entire ecosystem to promote various projects regardless of their category, such as DeFi, ReFi, NFT, wallet, infrastructure, etc. Moreover, as CeloDaily can actively address topics that are challenging to approach on the official Celo account, it has become a channel that represents the voice of the community.

In January 2023, CeloDaily achieved approximately 300K impressions and about 10K engagement on Twitter. This performance is particularly significant because CeloDaily is a core channel among Celo-related ecosystems, builders, and holders.

Who manages CeloDaily

CW Kim, a 12-year experienced brand marketing expert, manages CeloDaily. He specializes in integrated marketing communication, brand strategy, digital and social marketing, content marketing, launching, event, and etc.

Objective of the proposal

The objective of this proposal is to secure funding for the ongoing operations of CeloDaily, with the goal of increasing awareness and interest in Celo and diverse projects in the ecosystem, as well as providing a platform for new projects to gain recognition quickly. By continuing to build engagement with the Celo community and increasing the reach and impact of CeloDaily, this proposal aims to benefit the Celo Foundation and ecosystem as a whole.

Expected Outcome

  1. Increased awareness and interest in Celo and various projects in the ecosystem among community members, builders, holders and potential investors.
  2. Increased engagement with the Celo community through the CeloDaily Twitter account, community forum, and Discord server.
  3. New projects and initiatives within the Celo ecosystem gaining recognition and exposure through the promotion of one project per week through Twitter Ads.
  4. Community members being able to participate in the content creation process by providing information and requests to the CeloDaily team through Twitter DMs or the Community Forum.

Scope of Work & Deliverables

  1. Twitter
    A. Content strategy and planning.
    B. Content creation: Minimum 14 tweets per week that include
    1) Minimum four tweets with images per week
    2) Minimum ten text-only tweets, including quote retweets
    C. Paid media for ecosystem
    D. Analysis

  2. Community Forum in
    A. Forum management
    B. Content creation

  3. CeloDaily Discord management


One year from the start of funding, renewable by a new governance proposal in 2024.
To renew the funding, an achievement of KPI & Goal will be evaluated.


Funding distribution

One-time payment for $41,070 with $CELO

Twitter Ads budget: Why and How

In social marketing, organic impression and engagement have limitations. By promoting high-quality content related to ecosystem projects through Twitter Ads, CeloDaily can give expertise advertising effect to ecosystem projects and lead to a virtuous cycle for Celo, CeloDaily and the ecosystem. The proposed budget of $12,000 will be used exclusively for ecosystem projects. CeloDaily will run Twitter Ads for its contents that introduce ecosystem projects, approximately $240 for one tweet per week. The targeting country will be discussed with each project’s team.

KPI & Goal

  1. Organic performance

  2. Twitter Ads performance

  • Based on the internal Ad test result with targeting Kenya, India and Nigeria.
  • The actual performance may vary depending on the targeting.

How community can participate

For content creation, community can request or give information to CeloDaily team through DM in Twitter or the Community Forum.
The post in the Community Forum can be shared via Twitter.
CeloDaily will open and run Discord server to get information through conversation with community.


CeloDaily will share Twitter Analytics data and Twitter Ad data including spending in the Celo Official Forum and CeloDaily Twitter.


I cheer for you. What Celo needs most right now is to raise the name value.

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Warmly welcome the proposal of celodaily, which has contributed greatly to the celo community, and after seeing the detailed plan, we look forward to its future activities.
I think it is clear that this proposal will be of great support to all ecosystems.


This is a great initiative. Celo Daily has been a constant source of valuable information within the Celo ecosystem. I particularly like the outside perspective giving a very unbias dialogue regarding current events. I would personally love to see this work done in the open to better inform the community of leading indicators and trends so as a whole we can help guide Celo in the best direction. Maybe monthly or quarterly reports?

Thanks for all the great work this far.


Hi, Thanks for support and great idea.

We are committed to facilitating an open and unbiased dialogue within the Celo community. That’s why we founded the CeloDaily channel and why it has grown significantly since its inception.

We will take your idea into account when planning the strategy and content pillar of the channel. I will try to make a content that summarizes the status and issues around Celo ecosystem by monthly or quarterly, with an open and unbiased viewpoint. Please note that the depth of the content will be based on the estimated time in the proposal.

Thank you.

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I think this is very wrong.
1- Celo Daily mostly reaches those who are already in the Celo ecosystem. The possibility of bringing new members or adding value to the community is very limited. We have a small Celo group (8 members) on Telegram. I asked the members out there today: Did you follow Celo Daily before investing in Celo or did you start following it later? All respondents said they only became aware of Celo Daily after they started following Celo Official channels.
2- Celo Daily gained influence thanks to those who set their hearts on Celo. Now I find it unethical to try to turn this influence into money. If this twitter account owner does not find it worth continuing voluntarily, let it be so. New ones would emerge.
3- Unprecedented. I did some research. Other networks also have volunteer twitter accounts like Celo Daily that try to keep community members up to date with the latest developments. I have not encountered in any other network that these accounts have requested such a financing.
4- Celo Daily took a long break from using the account with the start of the bear market. It was a very painful experience for community members. This created uncertainty and despair about the future of the project. This irresponsible act makes me think that material things are more important to CD than the Celo’s promise of a better world.
5- It can be unethical. There should never be a material relationship between the reporters/news channels and the person/the entity that is the subject of the news. It would be very contradictory for the Celo community to approve this proposal. Because for us, ethical values have always been a priority: That’s why we didn’t agree to pay for listing on exchanges. With the acceptance of this offer, this attitude will be impaired.


Thank you for this take @Erayda. You make very good points. It’s very interesting to hear a perspective like this.

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Celo Daily is a precious treasure for this community to have and I fully support this detailed proposal.

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I appreciate your feedback. but as a manager of CeloDaily, I feel this is an offensive comment because it devaluated my effort and thought for Celo community and described as immoral. I hope it wasn’t intentional.

In my opinion, it is difficult to prove that this opinion represents the majority, and instead, it proves the legitimacy of our proposal. You can read why here.

1.The premise of your survey is incorrect. The purpose of CeloDaily extends beyond publicizing the Celo blockchain to the outside world. Your survey does not encompass the following operational objectives of CeloDaily and the purpose of this offer:

  • To contribute to widely promoting Celo’s vision and network excellence to both inside and outside the ecosystem.
  • To showcase ecosystem projects to a broad range of audiences, from Celo core community members to those outside the community. Numerous startup projects within the Celo ecosystem are seeking attention from core community members, and CeloDaily can support developer-centered projects that may not be skilled at marketing.
  • To provide valuable information to community members and Celo holders, and convey their feedback to the Celo Foundation.

Your survey can only cover the first objective mentioned above. However, even in this case, it can be refuted. Although CeloDaily’s audience primarily comprises members within the Celo ecosystem, it serves as a crucial channel for providing information and updates to core community members. As you may agree, CeloDaily covers various topics that the official @CeloOrg channel cannot and does not cover. That is why community members, including your Telegram members, follow and appreciate CeloDaily.

Furthermore, since this proposal includes a Twitter Ads budget for the ecosystem, it may attract new members to the community who are interested in the projects and developments highlighted on the channel.

If you still believe that your survey result is significant, please consider the fact that these 8 people follow CeloDaily. Why do they follow us?

2.Yes, CeloDaily has grown thanks to the interest from the community. However, did the community start to follow and like us even though CeloDaily didn’t do anything? CeloDaily has gained influence thanks to our own efforts for the community and community members who consume CeloDaily’s content. Notably, you are claiming that the community suffered when CeloDaily stopped its activity, this is what you are emphasizing the necessity of CeloDaily for the community.

It is also important to recognize that running and maintaining this kind of channel requires significant time and resources, and it is not necessarily sustainable to rely on voluntary efforts alone. Are you suggesting that another volunteer will show up, so we should just leave this place? Is that how Celo builds communities? Then why did the Celo ecosystem created a community fund? Was it just for developers? Building a community takes many elements, and the community on Twitter is one of them. The Celo Foundation runs and pays for Ambassador Programs on a regional basis. It also conducts marketing activities through social influencers, including TikTok. Why are you soliciting volunteers for this particular topic only? Is it because someone can do it for free? It’s unfair to say that this is an attempt to turn influence into money. I can guarantee that the fee structure of the proposal is reasonable. Please note that other DAO proposals in this space charge a much higher fee per hour. Why not ask for volunteers for those proposals?

3.Regarding CeloDaily-like accounts for other blockchains, I am not sure about the number of similar accounts you have researched and the accuracy, because this kind of account can be paid by internal marketing budget of the foundation. However, it is crucial to consider the unique circumstances and needs of the Celo ecosystem that aims to be the successful L1 chain that can cover numerous fields including DeFi, ReFi, NFT and Web 3, as well as the characteristics and role of CeloDaily in the ecosystem, even though other networks may have volunteer-run Twitter accounts.

And for better understanding in the crypto marketing, I’d like to reveal the proposal that I received in September 2021. H company, a marketing agency specializing in crypto projects, requested me to open and manage a similar channel for another project among CoinMarketCap Top 50 with the following condition.

“We can offer you $2k monthly without bonuses (bonuses depend on your performance and can exceed your salary sometimes).”

At the time, I turned it down to focus on the Celo community and ecosystem, and as you mentioned, I continued this activity as a volunteer. However, I am feeling the limits of spending my valuable time for free.

4.It is true that CeloDaily took a break during the bear market. However, it is important to consider the challenges and difficulties that may arise during such periods, and this is exactly why we are requesting the community’s support for this activity. We have since resumed activity from last year and continue to provide updates and information to the community, even thought the bear market is ongoing, because we realized that our activity is more important than ever for ecosystem in this market situation. Additionally, after the appearance of CeloDaily, several similar accounts have appeared, but as you are probably aware, none of them have survived. Lastly, as you mentioned, if CeloDaily’s break caused great pain to the community, it is all the more reason to support CeloDaily with the funds. This is the rationale behind this proposal.

5.Regarding your last point about “unethical”, I’m sorry but your statement is incorrect. CeloDaily is not a news or a reporter; we do not produce news, but rather find and share it. It is unlikely that anyone would perceive CeloDaily as a news. The exchange listing fee is completely unrelated to this governance proposal. This proposal is intended to promote transparency. Even if CeloDaily is supported by community funds, it will not be controlled by the Celo Foundation and can remain neutrality. This is why I chose this method. If I were an influencer hired by a foundation, I would create content according to their wishes. However, if CeloDaily is supported by community funds, I am not obliged to follow the Celo Foundation’s controls. Instead, CeloDaily has a responsibility to introduce projects within the ecosystem according to this proposal. Ecosystem projects can ask CeloDaily to promote them, and CeloDaily must do so unless it is a scam. CeloDaily cannot charge marketing fees for this service, which is ethical and transparent to the community.

Final thought is here.

While all opinions are valuable, this kind of opinion that ignores my hard work and dedication for the community makes me want to leave this ecosystem, honestly. The opinion “You are just a replaceable part. You have to continue volunteering, or just leave” makes my interest, love, and efforts for Celo community seem in vain.

We aim to provide various information and data not covered by Celo’s official channels. Even at this moment, we are receiving direct messages asking us to introduce some projects. However, we never ask them to pay for this service.

We also strive to amplify the voice of the community to the Celo Foundation. Sometimes we request updates on delayed projects or ask for corrections of mistakes or errors. It can be burdensome at times because it’s something the Foundation may not appreciate, but we are committed to representing the community’s questions as we are the only ones who can do so. (I am unsure of the reason, but the @CeloOrg account has not interacted with CeloDaily since early January of this year.)

Most importantly, in support of Celo’s vision of prosperity for all, I have created numerous contents and activities, such as actual donations to the ImpactMarket under the CeloDaily name, planning the Angel Edition with Celo Punks, and many trials to encourage community members to participate in such activities for the mission. I hope you will not underestimate my efforts to support the community and Celo’s mission.

Thank you.

I sincerely thank you.

First of all, the reason why no longer interacts with you on Twitter may be that you have posted many network-related info that can be described as disinformation. The last of these was your tweet about the sudden decrease in the number of daily transactions. This was because with the increase of the fee, the bots did not have the opportunity to arbitrage anymore. Anyone interested in the network could have noticed this very easily. But once again you did not hesitate to ring the alarm bells. This irresponsible behavior does not end there. You’ve also made the CD account a place for price movements. “Celo price is going up today, I wonder why?”, “How much higher can the price of celo go.” I am not against them. After all, it’s your account and only you can decide how to manage it. But this is an attitude that should never be supported by Celo in terms of financial and recognition. If the community will support this proposal, your impulsive attitude and stance will naturally be seen as official statements. Because ultimately it will be a community funded account. This presents a great danger for the network. With the community funding of the CD, two different “official” communication channels emerge: Celo Daily and twitter accounts. This will cause great difficulty in determining the tone to be used in communication.

Secondly, your answer here showed how justified my concerns about Celo Daily. You want to use your influence over Celo as a weapon. Even though no one has given you this mission you have appointed yourself to a task almost as the ombudsman of the network. Because of this big ego, you even take my kind criticisms as a personal attack and immediately threaten to leave the network again. We are not a community to be threatened in this way.

Celo Daily’s hiatus from twitter posts with the starting bear market didn’t affect the community members because of it is very important to the community. Here too, you misunderstood something that I didn’t mean, thanks to your ego. Taking a break at such a difficult time may have created false impressions about the future of the Network for some community members, which may have hurt them.

Also,If twitter ads will be used to reach more people in the future for an account, it should definitely be for the official twitter channel.

Edit:I also have another big fear. Imagine growing someone’s twitter follower count with community support. That account may use this power to make greater unjusted demands in the future. We grow a person’s domain with our own resources and then we can taken hostage by that domain. Who can guarantee that something like this won’t happen? For example, when that account reaches 200000 followers, will we be able to resist as easily as now when it comes back with a new demand that is not at all justified? If we do not meet that new demand, will we not be afraid of a some vengeance by this sphere of influence that we ourselves have helped to grow?

Edit 2: Practically, what is tried to be decided here is whether a parallel second foundation should be established or not.

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First: The tweet you mentioned was intended to ask questions to cLab and get the community interested in the reasons behind it. As you can see, community members discussed the right reasons, and I interacted with their answers. I understand your point, but could you provide more evidence to support the claims of false information? When incorrect information is posted, there are many ways to correct it. CeloDaily is a channel followed by founders and employees, including the official Celo account. However, I have never been asked to correct any misinformation. The most tweets that I asked for clarification or questioned the Celo Foundation publicly moved the questions raised in the Celo related group of about 150 people I manage, the Celo Official Telegram, and so on. If you want to focus on the claim that I am posting false information rather than the fact that I am posting tons of helpful information on the network, please provide more evidence.

Second: In the Celo community, is it not appropriate to discuss the holders’ interest in the price of Celo? Pricing is one of important topic and significant concern for holders in the Celo community. Have you noticed similar accounts that you researched commenting on the token’s price?

Third: Am I using my influence as a weapon? Do you see my departure as a threat to the community? Or did my proposal state a risk to the community if I quit? The reason I want to leave is personal, and I believe my many followers should know this transparently. We learned from cases of projects that shut down without any notice or explanation. If many people think like you and cannot benefit me, there is no reason for me to continue this activity.

Fourth: No one has given me an official ombudsman role. However, many followers ask me, tag me, and send me DMs. Why did Celo’s founder ask me to create a content for specific topic? Why do key members of the ecosystem follow me and retweet my content? People give me influence, so I should listen to many voices in the community. But should I remain silent about the Celo Foundation’s inadequacies or people’s complaints? Isn’t that the wrong use of influence?

Fifth: In this proposal, I added Discord operation for transparent operation of the CeloDaily account. I will update it in detail.

Lastly, your criticism is not kind. You are accusing me of having a big ego and portraying me as impulsive and a threat to the community. I would like to request the Forum’s manager to review such criticism to ensure it aligns with our forum and community policies regarding individuals.

I would like to encourage more people to engage in this conversation. It would be helpful to hear from a broader range of perspectives. Continuing with this proposal when the community does not want it is a significant time strain for me. I am giving you advance notice because you have criticized me for using my influence as a weapon.

Please do not criticize my personality and ego by using every single expression. Specifically, you are referencing my previous tweet which was posted prior to writing this proposal. In this proposal, I identified myself as “the top Celo-dedicated influencer at the center of the Celo ecosystem.” Is this not true?

Please give me a constructive feedback on the proposal. You continously describe me as a person with big ego, being impulsive and threatening the community. In addition, rather than giving opinion to my objections, you are showing an offensive attitude towards me.

No opinion at this point on the merit of the proposal. Putting on my CFO hat, a payment stream makes more sense than an up front lump sum. Continued payment for continued performance.

I like the idea of streaming, I don’t think the community fund can manage streaming at the time. Superfluid recently launched on mainnet and there may be an opportunity here.

For Twitter Ad spend, would you be open to posting quarterly performance of ads and share engagement numbers with the community here?

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Sure. I will share the bimonthly report including the performance and spending in this forum and CeloDaily Twitter.

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I also believe can do the needful and is live on mainnet

Thank you. If the Celo Foundation confirms the possibility, I would be happy to update the proposal to receive funding by a monthly or quarterly basis.

I also recommend that tbe KPI’s be results rather than output oriented. I don’t care how many tweets you make per week. I care how much engagement they drive.


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