Proposal: Funding for CeloDaily to Boost Ecosystem Growth


Thank you. The KPI & Goal is already set like you mentioned.

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@Celodaily I feel part of the skepticism in this thread is some of the loaded or accusatory language in a few of your tweets. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, so I went back to Twitter and did a bit of a review of your account, and my updated impression is that almost all tweets are factual and clear.

However, there are a couple that come across as accusatory - like you’re trying to catch people sleeping at their jobs. For example, this tweet from Feb 13th -

Hey @CeloOrg, @RegenRene and @marek_
How about to share your thought about the current situation related with regulation?

This feels like a journalistic setup where if there’s no response the next day’s headline can be: Celo refuses to comment on stablecoin regulation! Why? (I’m not saying you did or would write this, it’s just my impression of the journalistic style from the previous tweet)

Additionally, hailing people with “Hey” followed by “How about you ” is generally not how one would begin outreach for a good faith conversation. I understand the intention, with this and other tweets, calling attention to items of interest and looking for some clarity and feedback - the concept is fine, I think just the delivery is a little odd sometimes.

That said, it’s not my place to copy-edit or adjust your written English style, just letting you know a small number of tweets appear to be leading questions, perhaps unintentionally when you’re just trying to raise awareness or foster dialogue.

By the way I only notice now in your original post that Celo Daily has it’s own forum. One thing I worry about in the Celo ecosystem is fragmentation of communication channels. This forum here works well enough and has a decent amount of discussion sometimes. I appreciate wanting to control your own digital spaces, but would you consider moving or duplicating content here? The weekly ecosystem updates are pretty good round ups.

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