Privacy on Celo

Hey everyone!

Hector here from ZKV! We’re planning an online event focused around Privacy on Celo and would love to have your input on what you would like to see and which speakers you would like us to try to get onboard.

So far, this is what we have:

:books:Main topics:

  • Plumo and Plonk
  • How to get private transactions
  • Potentially private DEXs deployed in the ecosystem.

:microphone: Confirmed Speakers:

  • Kobi Gurkan - Cryptography Lead at cLabs

:thinking:Tentative Speakers:

  • Marek Olszewski - CTO at cLabs
  • Victor Graf - Software Engineering and Cryptography Advisor at cLabs

:date: Where & When?

Any feedback, recommendations and/or ideas are welcome!

See you there.




Looking forward to this!

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This is great!

@hector_zkv if you’re interested, here are two feature requests we recorded on this topic with GiveDirectly a while back:

In case they help shape the conversation :slight_smile:

Thank you @0xarthurxyz ! Will look into that!


What is the status of ?
It sounded a great solution for privacy on Celo when I first read about it.

Many things to understand… I am in!