Onboarding developers in Nigerian institutions to CELO

In respect to the forth coming computing conference CSCON3.0 coming up on the date 3rd May 2023, tagged UNTAPPED TECH, I’m proposing to present and give a talk on CELO blockchain and the opportunities for building on her ecosystem to the energetic audience which would mostly comprise developers and technology enthusiasts alike.
The CSCON is the largest gathering of an active population of university students in the field of technology and computing, anywhere in Nigeria, and this years event features collaborations from leading players in the field and industry experts alike.
Haven been building on CELO myself and also contributing to the technical docs, I believe this platform could serve to further deepen CELO’s presence amongst the brewing and high spirited technology enthusiast spread across the Nigerian tech ecosystem in alliance to the mission of shared prosperity for all.
I’d love to connect with necessary stake holders in the CELO ecosystem and see how this idea can be brought to fruition. Thanks.

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