Nature-based Solutions: ReFi´s opportunity for socio-environmental integrity

ReFi Workshop: Leapfrogging to socio-environmentally integral NbS. Building over learnings from the international cooperation system.

Wednesday June 28th at 9hs Costa Rica- Mexico / 12hs Argentina / 17hs CEST

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are the international cooperation system’s response to address the lack of socio-environmental integrity in climate financing projects and portfolios.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience, NbS introduces innovative regulatory architecture and standardized best practices to generate multiple environmental and social benefits both globally and locally where projects are implemented.

Facundo and Agustin, lawyers with longstanding experience working at NbS creators IUCN and UNEP, will help the ReFi ecosystem make a leapfrog towards high socio-environmental integrity NbS projects and portfolios, bypassing the learning curve of international cooperation.

Sam, from ClimateCoin will reflect on how this approach allows for leveraging the advantages of web3, including scalability, security, and transparency, reducing legal and reputational risks.


  1. Introduction to Nature-based Solutions (NbS).
  2. Learnings from the precedents of NbS: Ecosystems-based Approaches and Ecosystems-based Adaptation (EbA).
  3. The underlying principle of NbS: socio-environmental integrity. Learnings from the IUCN Global Standard and the REDD+ safeguards.
  4. Challenges for NbS to unleash the needed climate ambition in a context of sustainable development.
  5. A bridge between these learnings and the blockchain techonolgy,
  6. Q/A

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