Mandatory SocialConnect SDK Upgrade v5.1.0

TLDR; All projects using SocialConnect must upgrade to v5.1.0^ of the @celo/identity SDK by 12/01/23

Hello SocialConnect devs!

The @celo/identity package used to interact with SocialConnect provides a convenience function getServiceContext that returns the correct ODIS url for a given context (e.g. mainnet. alfajores, staging). Most projects rely on this function to determine where ODIS requests are sent (though it is possible to pass any URL in by modifying the object returned by getServiceContext)

We’ve recently migrated the ODIS Combiner to a new cloud infrastructure for improved reliability and performance. As a result, the old endpoints returned by getServiceContext are out of date. For backwards compatibility, we’ve converted these old Combiner endpoints to proxies that forward requests to the new Combiners. We plan to shut these proxies down on 12/01/23.

v5.1.0 is the latest version of the @celo/identity sdk that sends requests to the newest Combiner endpoints by default. All previous versions of the @celo/identity sdk are now deprecated and projects should upgrade to v5.1.0 or higher by 12/01/23 to avoid disruptions in service. The upgrade should be straightforward as no other interface changes have been made.

Note: as mentioned above, there is also a workaround of modifying the the object returned by getServiceContext to include the latest URL. You can find the latest ODIS urls here.

Thanks everyone!


Is there any info on when social connect could be used on Trust Wallet? Thanks

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