Introducing the Blockchain na Escola DAO

Hi, we’re the Blockchain na Escola DAO (BnE DAO, for short). Our mission is to become LATAM’s biggest web3 education hub to empower students from marginalized communities to drive change through entrepreneurship.

We recently received a grant from Celo to educate 500 students in Salvador-BA, Belo Horizonte-MG and Rio de Janeiro-RJ in the next 6 months. This is just the beginning of what we hope will be a long lasting relationship with the Celo ecosystem. For project-related details please check our Notion.

Meet our team:

What is the BnE DAO?

The DAO is an educational community that seeks to onboard the next generation of LATAM talent to web3.

We’ve created the HUM4NT3CH course, which highlights:

  1. The issues with Web2’s centralization and how the Web3 can democratize the internet, and
  2. How money works and why the web3 can distribute wealth, while also providing a fundamental understanding of token engineering

Our course exposes students to problem-solving learning opportunities - helping them to understand how blockchain could be used within their communities. See details on the course program and objectives in Portuguese and English.

Past Achievements

Our first partnership was with a school in the Porto Canoa neighborhood, in the city of Serra-ES, where we provide our pilot course in Q1 2022. The course was coordinated by professors Marcelo Silva (PhD in Practical Philosophy and Specialist in Business Law) and André Donadia (MSc in Philosophy with a double degree in Philosophy and in English).

During the 10-week course, students learned the basics of blockchain technology and dove into the solutions that DeFi and ReFi offer for typical Brazilian problems, such as the environmental degradation and the difficulty in retaining the wealth produced within the community. Details here.

We also had Verber, another DAO contributor, leading the Blcktopia project in Belo Horizonte-MG. He provided a course on the fundamentals of blockchain technology in a marginalized community and specific tracks on cultural production and small business development to showcase the power of web3 for the students.

The new course we’re developing will allow us to standardize our methodology. We’ll also build a student database to track our results and improvement opportunities as we reach more students.

Courses on the Platform

Last year we developed some online modules to teach the basics about using web3 in the platform. We have had some impressive results so far, with many of our modules having over 4000 completions!

This initial result makes us confident that we should further develop online educational material. So we’re planning to add new modules that will complement the content we’re providing to students during the live classes.


Bullish nesse projeto desde miliano!


Hi @Marcelo thank you for sharing! Please meet @MilaRioja who leads LATAM ecosystem.


thanks @annaalexa! @MilaRioja looking forward to collab in LATAM!


The new coordinators of the project are Ariel, Verber, and Gregory now, I’m just the founder and now advisor. Super happy for having such a top-level team working together.

Hi @annaalexa ! TY for the tag :slight_smile: I see familiar faces that already engaged in rather interesting initiatives from the local Celo ecosystem. Thus, super happy to be further in touch. @BlockchainNaEscola What if you guys use the upcoming Discord office hours (every Tuesday 11:15 Brasilia Time) to intro your project and we flow from there? Congrats and looking forward to collab!


Sounds good Mila! I (Ariel) will be there, and I’ll also extend the invitation to the rest of our team


TY for joining the Discord and sharing your project with us. The social media “take overs” as discussed are available at your request, to get the community excited around the idea.