Introducing CarbonPath & Our Methodology Commentary Period

Hi everyone! We are CarbonPath and are excitedly preparing to launch our first tokens on Celo!

A bit about us:

We are attacking climate change by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) emissions in the atmosphere at the source by incentivizing the permanent shut down of low-producing, orphaned, and abandoned oil and natural gas wells.

We are a new climate impact registry generating a new type of carbon prevention token through the creation of frameworks to address industrial emissions. These frameworks, or methodologies, will incentivize immediate climate impact while our Web3 registry, built on Celo, is the mechanism by which individuals and businesses can participate by buying, selling & retiring tokens.

Leveraging the Celo blockchain, our platform allows for the creation of tangible, immutable assets (or tokens) that verify and validate permanent climate action. By placing these tokens on-chain, we have created an elegant solution to provide transparency into the additionality and permanence as well as the validation and verification process of each project. Our platform also allows for the impact of each project to be fully accessible, readily quantified and easily understood.

But we need your help - Review our first methodology!

In collaboration with the Climate Collective (@nirvaan @AnnaClimateCollect), we have opened up our first methodology for feedback ( Commentary allows us to gather and assess the latest research, technology and best practices related to our methodologies. We want feedback from any and all stakeholders, which is you! Your feedback ensures that we have the most thoughtful, complete, impactful and transparent methodology possible. The learnings from this process will inform future stakeholder feedback processes and ultimately help to bring other climate action methodologies directly to Web3 and the ReFi community.

We thank you in advance for your time in helping us with our mission to make climate action transparent, collaborative, and accessible for all!




Welcome @CPBrandon and thanks for sharing this info about CarbonPath! Echoing you, I’d like to warmly invite the broader Celo community to participate in the commentary for CP’s carefully designed methodology.

CP won the Gold Prize in the latest cohort of Celo Camp batch 6, and is paving the way for a whole new class of web3-native environmental assets. The Climate Collective is proud to support CarbonPath, and we hope the Celo community can help us on this journey.

Thank you for the welcome and kind words @nirvaan! We are hosting a public forum workshop for our first methodology so come join us! It is an open discussion on how we can improve our methodology.