Improving Treasury Management and Accounting on Celo - Coinshift launching tomorrow

gm Celo community!

I’m a product manager at Coinshift, the leading on-chain Treasury Management platform built on top of Safe.

I’m excited to announce that Coinshift has deployed its V2 platform on Celo and will go live tomorrow (Friday, 22nd of December).

Coinshift simplifies financial operations, delivers actionable insights, and, most importantly, streamlines accounting for any on-chain organisation. Some of the best teams including Gitcoin, UMA, Perpetual Protocol, Zapper and 100 others, use our solution for their accounting and financial operations.

If you want to get a glimpse of the latest version of Coinshift, here’s a 5-minute video that walks you through the platform. We’ve onboarded some early Celo projects, including ReFiDAO, Celo Europe, and EthicHub, and we look forward to the official roll-out tomorrow!

If you are interested in beta testing today, just drop your Celo address in this thread :slight_smile:


So happy to have Coinshift go live on Celo! I’ve been a fan and power user of Coinshift for nearly two years (since my time setting up Balancer Grants) and am convinced this is an excellent addition to the Celo ecosystem.

We also started using Coinshift during the early user phase with #CeloEU, and it helped us streamline payments and keep track of our resources.

I’m happy to connect and provide guidance if any Celo builders need help setting up their Coinshift accounts. Just give me a ping on TG at @LuukDAO.

I have personally used Coinshift to manage DAOs and treasurys and I really like the UI design.
:100: useful. :raised_hands: