How can we get more wallets and dApps to join Connect the world/Fiat Connect?

Hi friends.

In your opinion, how can we get more wallets and dApp developers to join the Connect the World and install Fiat Connect API into their projects?

I know that the friends from Impact Market have been trying to install it on Libera. Please, how has been your experience so far? What could be done to make it easier and faster for wallets like Libera?


Hey friends, if you allow me, here are my thoughts:

  • We need to secure remittances corridors: One of the best use cases for crypto in developing nations is remittances. But if the CICO partner is only available in Brazil or in Africa. There is no way for people to do remittances. We need CICO partners in the US, Canada and Europe as well.

  • We need to lower the complexity and time for wallets and dApps to install Fiat Connect API. How can we do that? I would love the insight from our friend from Libera / Impact Market, that have been installing it.

  • We need to lower the cost and complexity of being a ramp provider: I did a lot of research about expanding to other countries in Latam. I believe that it is not economically viable for a company from outside to expand to smaller countries like Uruguay and Paraguay. The market is not big enough. And in some cases there are regulatory hurdles. Maybe the solution for such countries is to create a network of tellers who can provide the liquidity in local cash. Like OnboardWallet did: Onboard for Merchants .

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My suggestions:

  1. Improved docs.
  2. More workshops.

The current docs seem too abstract.


Thanks for your input, @iamoracle . Can you post here an example of a documentation that you like so we can get inspired by? What especifically can be improved?

Another thing that could help is if there was a Quick Integration SDK with a snippet of code:

Like that one from Ramp:

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A widget would facilitate it tremendously for projects with low dev resources to implement a MVP.


Thanks for your feedback, friend. In what programming languages or development frameworks you would like to see such a widget available?

Are you a dApp or wallet developer?

Another point that I think would be an improvement to the current Fiat Connect API model is if the API did the KYC in the wallet level, using a solution like Violet ID ( or KYCDAO (kycDAO).

Because every ramp provider has to do the KYC again. And the KYC software is one of the biggest costs associated with the On/Off Ramp.

More stablecoins are needed for greater adoption.
This proposal needs more engagement and needs to move forward.