CTW Update #10 Monday October 31st, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Happy Halloween! I’m back with another update for Connect the World!

As always, we appreciate any questions and feedback that you have on the program.

The summary:

We are excited that Alpha Fortress (Bitssa) and Bitmama have completed FiatConnect integrations and are undergoing final testing. They will be collaborating with Valora on a multi-phased launch in the coming months, starting with off-ramping first followed by on-ramping for our Mento stablecoins (see Pipeline Status for more details).

Complementary Initiatives:

  1. We now have two Developer Relations Engineers providing last-mile support to ensure that our CICO partners will be launching live without a hiccup.
  2. Prioritizing the engagement of Wallets and dApps to integrate FiatConnect. We are now at a point where if a Wallet or a dApp integrates with FiatConnect and has the respective front-end UI, they can now provide a native on/off ramping user experience using Alpha Fortress and Bitamama’s services in the backend.

CICO Pipeline Status

In the past month, four new partners joined at the top of the funnel, totaling 55 partners in the pipeline.

For the partners engaged (35), we are continuing discussions with three large global partners to scope out technical integration work for FiatConnect.

On the due diligence end, we have one CICO that is pending due diligence to be passed before they will be moved forward to the integration stage. In general, feedback from most partners in this phase is that they are queuing FiatConnect integration later in their product roadmap and there is an expected slowdown as folks gear up for the holiday season.

As for the partners actively integrating, notably Alpha Fortress and Bitmama have completed the integration (pending final checks) and collaborating with Valora on a phased launch.

Markets AlphaFortress and Bitmama Currently Services on FiatConnect

  • Benin
  • Cote D’Ivoire
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Mali
  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Togo
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Canada
  • USA

Questions for the community

  • What information would you like to know for future updates?
  • Are you an interested CICO provider, dApp, or Wallet who would like to participate in the CTW program? Please email me at Michael.Kwan@celo.org or book a 1:1 meeting with me.
  • We want to be intentional about prioritizing country ramps. Are there countries we should focus on first? Please let us know below.