Connect the World Update (Week ending - May 13, 2022)

Hi Everyone!

My name is Will and I lead the Strategy, Research, and Innovation team at the Celo Foundation. In addition, I’m currently working on the Connect the World initiative which aims to build high quality ramps between Celo assets and fiat in 100 countries by April 2023 :earth_americas:

Since we launched the program at Celo Connect last month we’ve had an overwhelming response from teams around the world. The purpose of this post is to provide a status update on Connect the World, share our upcoming priorities, and solicit feedback from the community.

Off to the races!

We’ve had dozens of partners reach out with interest in the program. In the last month we were able to sign Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs) with 13 partners, of which six (6) are undergoing diligence review. Four (4) are currently integrating FiatConnect and once complete will offer on and off-ramp coverage in 13 countries (see below).

Some observations:

  • We have multiple providers competing for awards in certain countries, most notable Nigeria (3 providers) and Ghana (2 providers). Integrations for these countries are in active development.
  • We have several partners who have committed but not yet integrated that are interested in Brazil and Colombia as well.
  • We are seeing a lot of interest from partners in LATAM and SubSaharan Africa. However we need to improve outreach to partners working in Asia, Europe, and North America


Our current list of Connect the World partners include:

AlphaFortress (Bitssa), BitMama, Bit2Big, Binusu, Cobru, Directa24, DuniaPay, EasyCrypto, El Dorado, Kaala (Wallet), KotaniPay, LoveCrypto, Noa, Node (Wallet), Paychant, RampBr, Umoja, Valora (Wallet)

These are partners that have committed to integrated FiatConnect and have signed agreements with the Celo Foundation. Work to integrate is still in progress.

Priorities for Next Week

  • Getting started guide: We are working on external step-by-step resource to help onboard new partners to Connect the World and FiatConnect which should be launched next week
  • Outbound BD: The priorities over the last month have been on working through the pipe of inbound partner interest and getting folks onboarded and through diligence review. We are turning our attention toward outbound BD to fill in geographic gaps and sourcing high-quality partners as well

Questions for the community

  • In the interest of transparency, we want to do weekly updates about the CTW program. What information would you like to know for future updates?
  • We want to be intentional about prioritizing country ramps. Are there countries we should focus on first? Please let us know below.

Additional information and resources:

If you like to learn more about Connect the World, please check out the links below or attend one of the weekly office hours:

  1. Check out the FiatConnect to learn more about the API
  2. Join the Discord channel

Sorry for the multiple posts. I couldn’t include some of the graphics, so please check out this link for full details as well as information regarding upcoming office hours:

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I have a project that is suited to the “Connect the World theme”. Its going to be the first ever project to launch in blockchain, but I we need funding to complete it and as I’ve said it’s going to be an Alpha project in blockchain it should be built with secrecy.

Hi Iamracer,

Exciting to hear that you’re starting a project focused on on/off ramps. If you think there might be an area for collaboration feel free to email [email protected] and we can find some time to chat.


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Hi will yes there is a huge focused on on/off ramps since my project will only be purchaseable using stable coins hope to chat with you soonest… Thanks!

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Hi William Le,
Any new update for this week (May 23 - May 27)
Is there any plan to deploy for Asia, Indochina? Hope to hearing have news soon?

Hi Huy,

Working on the update for this week as we speak! And yes we do have plans to deploy for Asia and Indochina, but we haven’t had that much partner interest at the moment. We are looking to do more outbound BD in the region in coming weeks - so if you know any good CICO partners please send them my way!