Hello from Upper Octave - Web3 Developers on Demand!

Hey everyone! I’m Devin, Founder & CEO of Upper Octave Web3 Team Augmentation. We’d love to get more involved in the Celo ecosystem and support all the builders here!

Here’s a bit about us:
We’re a staff augmentation service specializing in web3 & software. We function like a freelancer marketplace so we can plug n’ play 1 more developers right into your team on a contractual basis fully your control. It’s as close to a full-time employee as it gets. We add team support & consulting on top of that only if you want to.

Our HQ is in the US and our team of developers is offshore in Lebanon. They are in the same office, English-educated & culturally compatible, willing to work US hours, and strictly vetted.​

We’ve worked with all types of customers from NFT platforms and decentralized exchanges to web2 companies that are looking for web3 contract integration. We’ve customized smart contracts for NFT projects, built SpiritSwap DEX from scratch, and worked with various standards: ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155

We are incredibly flexible with how teams want to work. I’m here to assist in any way possible! If this is helpful, please reach out to me at anytime.