Chain-agnostic Universal Identities/DID for Celo ecosystem

Hey all. I’m Parth, founder of Threely and first time posting in the community! I’ve been building in crypto since 2014, and I’m here to share my project on universal identities with the Celo community.

Heard great things about the collaboration in here from @nraghuveera - so here we go! is onboarding billions onto Web3 with universal identities. Threely addresses are blockchain-agnostic identities that can be used across Web3 as a profile, chain-agnostic payment endpoints, to log-in, share zkKYCs, and more. (For example - hey.its.parth,

These Identities can can also be used by communities. For example, wallets on Celo get celo.carl.web3,, celo.sam.elon.. These hyper-local identities can be utilized within dApps, DAOs, Games and NFT holders. (use-cases)

As Threely doubles down on onboarding, we enable username-password based logins to dApps, eliminating the friction of using extensions to ‘connect a wallet.’

With a focus on building the best UX for Web3, we have already gained the trust of 50+ leaders, including Polygon, Binance, Chainlink, Neo, and more.

I’ve been a long time supporter of Celo and am grateful to be interacting with the community here. We look forward to becoming a core asset to the Celo and providing exclusive support to the ecosystem!

I would love to hash out ideas with the community on potential partnerships, integrations or simply answer any questions anybody has about Threely!

We truly believe we’re onboarding the world to Web3, using true decentralization and Web3 ethos. The synergy between Celo ecosystem and Threely is evident in the shared goal of building real-world, consumer-facing applications to enable the average world’s transition from Web2 to Web3.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at @parthbl (Twitter) or @parthbhalla (TG) to chat!



Hey Parth, really like the use cases you mentioned about this blockchain agnostic identities. Looking forward to it!


I think this is a very relevant problem and I will be following your project closely. Congrats!

Thanks Ed. We believe these universal Identities could prove to be the most frictionless and ideal way to onboard people onto Web3.

Hey Parth, I lead the Identity Team at cLabs and would love to set up some time for us to chat about threely. I’ll reach out over telegram to coordinate

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Hey @Alec, sure thing. My TG is @parthbhalla.