ghostNFT is live on Celo MainNet

ghostNFT is the first application of ERC721Envious Standard. ghostNFT introduces an intuitive user experience enabling creators and users to add, redeem, and view collateral to individual NFTs and NFT collections. ghostNFT targets NFT collections, NFT owners, Token Holders, and Web3 Users.

For the deeper dive please see the ghostNFT litepaper:

ghostNFT on Celo

The Ask
We would like to explore collab/integration/co-marketing ideas with the Celo foundation, NFT collections, ERC-20 tokens on Celo, etc.

Really cool! Going to read through the litepaper but would love to learn more!

Pleasure to meet you @nraghuveera ! Would love to respond to any questions especially since we’re preparing some additional announcements regarding deployments on Celo by Mar 15, 2023.

Free to hop on a call sometime? Just read through the litepaper. Shoot me an email at and let’s connect!

Just emailed you, sir! Speak soon and super excited to be on Celo!