Gingerbread Hardfork: Critical version and hardware upgrade recommendations for Nodes, Validators, and all other infrastructure providers

As we continue to move closer to the Gingerbread hardfork, we would like your attention on the following upgrades:

VERSION UPGRADE: Ahead of the gingerbread hardfork, it is strongly recommended that ALL node operators, as well as validators and other infrastructure providers, upgrade to blockchain release 1.8.0 as soon as possible. In case you upgraded to v1.8.0-beta.2 following an error in our communication, please upgrade again to 1.8.0, which is the correct version.
A huge thank you to the quorum of validators who have already switched!

HARDWARE UPGRADE: As Matt mentioned in his original post regarding the hardfork, we have a recommended specs for hardware for validators, nodes, and full nodes to upgrade, if possible.

Please let us know the status of your upgrades by filling out this form.

If you need any help, please reach out via this forum or the discord channel.