Game mobi Pokemon Celo and NFT card pokemon

Hi everyone, I hope many people will accept it as well as develop this project on blockchain celo, a game for mobile Pokemon celo game and Nft card Pokemon . Linked to Valora wallet use celo or celo stablecoins to pay in game, We need to create a playground.The game will attract millions of pokemon lovers around the world and help them earn money as they get achievements in the game blockchain mobi của celo

  • Organize international tournaments and teams pokemon.
  • Auction of rare pokemon items , pokeball lengendary,skill book lengedary . Pokemon card Nft (Hunt pokemon game cards to own super rare legendary pokemon)players paying with celo or celo’s stablecoin
  • Hidden quest ,
  • Save the world with pokemon
  • Players can earn money by trading with other players by selling rare items, pokemon, skill books, NFT rare pokemon cards…etc that they have hunted in good quests in important tournaments (of course the transaction will pay in celo or stablecoin celo and there will be fees on those transactions)
    All costs collected will be paid for game development and for a Celo community thank you