Funds Lost? Celo Desktop to Coinbase Pro

Hi – today I sent 1509.091 CELO from my CELO Desktop Wallet 0xC683273060cFb8999325a1b84C51437e81d0636A to Coinbase Pro CELO address 0xbf190233d05fb405560e7f66fbbc077f00503b04

It has been several hours and I do not see the funds in my CELO wallet in Coinbase pro. However, I do see the funds in the CELO Wallet Explorer here: Transaction 0xdb598fa3232b79531986e031b82ff17a2e4b73805d227cd25faee56feb34f768 - Celo Explorer

What is going on? Is it normal to take several hours transfer to Coinbase Pro?

Is this supposed to work?

  • David

This is nothing new. Something is going on with Coinbase. Every single time during these large moves Coinbase seems to disable transfers. Seems like they are playing with the liquidity pool somehow and then because of that they disable transfers. It has become very very shady

The transaction just took 6 hours to complete. I guess the network was very congested.