Dispay Discord Bot x Celo

Hello Celo Community.
I am Edy Haddad, founder of Orcania.

We are soon releasing one of our latest projects, Dispay.
Dispay is a Discord crypto payment infrastructure.

With Dispay, users can deposit cryptos, make instant and free transfers, airdrops, and giveaways to other users in discord.

Dispay also comes with a store allowing users to purchase Discord Nitro Basic, Discord Nitro, and others using cryptos.

Dispay offers development standards allowing other bots to use it for payments, meaning users will also be able to use Dispay to pay for other services and subscriptions on discord.

We are planning and working to expand and grow as much as possible, and we hope you can be one of our partners and part of this project.

My partnership offer is as following:
• Celo adds Dispay to their discord server and announces that through it users can now buy Discord Nitro using $CELO

Dispay Team:
• Dispay supports $CELO, and the Celo Chain. This will allow users to use $CELO in the Dispay Store to buy Disord Nitro and others
• Users will be able to deposit for free and make instant free transfers, airdrops and giveaways to other users
• Other bots will be capable of accepting $CELO as a payment coin through Dispay
• We would display $CELO among one of the first and top cryptos on Dispay
• By supporting the Celo Chain, Dispay will be able to support tokens built on it
• Dispay will allow tokens built on the Celo Chain to list on the bot for a fee of 250$ opposing to our standard listing fee of 500$ (Tokens should meet our listing terms)

We can get on a call and I can further display the bot, its features, and capabilities.
Let me know if this partnership would be of interest to you.
I am waiting with excitement for your response, and I hope we get to work together on this. Just imagine how beautiful this will look in the announcements ‘Discord users can now buy Nitro using Celo’

Best Regards,