Delegate your Celo and join the blockchain revolution with ReFiColombia

Blockchain technology is unleashing an unprecedented transformation in the financial world, and the Celo network is at the forefront of this change. ReFiColombia seeks to lead this transformation and, to this end, has rehister a Validator Group for the Celo network, leveraging the opportunities provided by new technologies to create value, promoting a more inclusive and sustainable economy for all. By delegating your Celo to ReFiColombia, you are participating in a collective effort to strengthen and expand the Celo network and technology adoption throughout Colombia.

ReFiColombia and local nodes in the country (ReFiBogotá, ReFiCartagena, ReFiMedellín, ReFiAtlántico, and future nodes) are working on specific initiatives tailored to the needs and challenges of their respective regions, which means that your delegation is directly contributing to projects with a local and tangible impact.

Why choose ReFiColombia?

1. Financial Inclusion: Delegating your Celo with ReFiColombia directly contributes to the mission of democratizing access to financial services. In a country like Colombia, where economic disparities are evident, your support helps to close that gap and promote financial equity.

2. Local Economic Development: Through awareness programs, workshops, and educational events, ReFiColombia helps increase understanding and familiarity with blockchain among local entrepreneurs, developers, and community leaders, opening their vision to new opportunities.

3. Support for Regional Nodes: By delegating your Celo, you promote collaboration and knowledge exchange between nodes, driving sustainable growth throughout the Celo network and strengthening the blockchain ecosystem in the country.

4. Generation of Passive Income: Delegating your Celo with ReFiColombia gives you the opportunity to generate passive income consistently through the rewards offered by the network. By delegating your Celo, you have the chance to receive a portion of the rewards generated by the group each time it is chosen to sign blocks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting blockchain revolution! Join ReFiColombia today and be part of the change towards a more regenerative financial future.

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I am a witness to the excellent actions that ReFi Colombia has been developing, which is the representation of what regenerative finance means, which through inclusive finance through technology, wants to see a real change in our realities to achieve a world more sustainable and equitable from the social, economic and environmental perspectives.

I support this wonderful initiative 100%.


Conozco a ReFi Colombia hace un a√Īo considero que ha sido una experiencia muy enriquecedora gracias a los temas que se abarcan. Como web3 (Blockchain) ReFi, DeFi, finanzas descentralizadas, regenerativas, sostenibilidad del medio ambiente, ayudas comunitarias y entre otras. Se busca un cambio, que las personas tengan el conocimiento de estos nuevos modelos regenerativos y una forma de generar ingresos pasivos gracias a las actividades que se hacen y que benefician para ambos polos.

Gracias a que se fomentan muchas actividades relacionadas con temas de Blockchain finanzas regenerativas y descentralizadas, cuidado del ambiente, fomenta la actividad física y también talleres educativos. Estas actividades buscan que haya una relación entre estos temas para que haya más dinámica y sea fructífero el aprendizaje.

La familiarización con la web3. He tenido ingresos de forma pasiva y que me han sido de gran ayuda gracias a ReFi colombia. Es un proyecto con un objetivo de equidad y sostenibilidad financiera.


Great initiative! Colombia has an incredible community. Our Head of DevOps runs a channel exclusively for the Colombian community.

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We are thrilled to witness the impactful initiatives led by ReFi Colombia, which epitomize the essence of regenerative finance. Their dedication to fostering inclusive finance through technology is not only visionary but also essential for creating a sustainable and equitable future. By delegating to ReFi Colombia, we are empowering local communities and promoting a financial ecosystem that benefits everyone. :herb::sparkles:

ReFi Atl√°ntico can attest to the profound benefits of these initiatives. Our own projects in the Atl√°ntico region, from eco-friendly crochet workshops to environmental cleanups and blockchain adoption education, mirror the values and impact of ReFi Colombia. Together, we are building a network of sustainable and regenerative practices that span across Colombia, benefiting local economies and fostering environmental stewardship.

ReFi Colombia’s work is a beacon of hope and progress, driving tangible change through community engagement and education. By supporting them, we are not just participating in a financial revolution; we are actively shaping a more equitable and sustainable world.


I fully endorse ReFi Colombia’s initiatives. Their work in promoting financial inclusion and sustainability is vital for our country’s progress. Their approach to leveraging blockchain technology for community empowerment is innovative and necessary. :earth_africa::handshake: