DeFi for the People Update: June 24, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Nikhil here from the Strategy, Research, and Innovation team at the Celo Foundation. Sharing this week’s update on the DeFi for the People program

For context, DeFi for the People supports project launches through the following ways:

  1. Grant/liquidity incentives
  2. Security audit by the Celo Foundation
  3. Usability review and testing
  4. Co-marketing (Medium announcement, Twitter spaces, etc.)

Updates From this Week

This week we had a few major announcements:

  1. Mary-Catherine Lader spoke at Kuneco on the upcoming Uniswap v3 launch. See the first 5 minutes of Kuneco
  2. Symmetric launched their cDEFI, the first index token. Learn more here.

Upcoming Launches

See below for the latest anticipated launch dates below. Please note, however, that these are subject to change based on developer timeline updates, security audit feedback, and other general market conditions. We’ll keep you all updated as any items in this list change, as well as new launches.

  • Revo: June (discussing incentives)
  • impactMarket: Launching $PACT staking in June
  • Symmetric v2: June/July
    • Finalizing incentives for DeFi index token
    • Discussing ReFi index
  • Uniswap v3: June (cLabs planning to finish technical deployment on June 30)
    • Official announcement of launch may be a few days after to coordinate marketing and incentives
  • Cargo Protocol: June when Uniswap is deployed
    • Deployment in progress
    • KYC in progress by Celo Foundation
  • Masa: Planning security audit process when Masa team is ready
  • Gamma Strategies: July post-Uniswap deployment
  • Curve (Ethereum and Celo): June/July
    • Reworking gauge proposal to focus on cEUR pool and discussing with EUR stablecoin partners following USD stablecoin market turbulence
  • Flow Carbon: July (in partnership with Climate Collective)
  • Toucan: July (in partnership with Climate Collective)
  • EthicHub: July
    • Discussing incentives and ReFi index launch
  • Double: June end on testnet
  • Chee Finance: July
    • Completing KYC and usability review
  • Zeroswap : July
    • Completing KYC and usability review
  • Crypto Research and Design Lab (CRADL): July
    • Discussing partnership opportunities
  • Umoja/Emerging Impact: July
    • Discussing partnership opportunities
    • Discussing collaboration for Q4 lending pilot
  • EntropyFi: Developing stablecoin prediction games as part of D4TP

Here’s also an update on other major items:

  1. The Aave team provided preliminary feedback on the Aave governance proposal. Currently working on the risk methodology for specific assets
  2. Chainlink integration
    a. The SOAK test is completed. We’re now waiting for the Chainlink integration team to execute the integration. Working on determining a timeline commitment from them based on Chainlink engineering capacity
    b. Scheduling a Twitter spaces with the dev rel team to discuss Chainlink integration the week of June 27. We had some scheduling challenges for this week hence the push to next week.

Please reach out or comment if you have any follow up questions or concerns. I’m also available on Twitter (@pumpernikhil) and the Celo Discord, and happy to connect anytime. Thank you to everyone in the Celo community.

To prosperity for all,

Nikhil Raghuveera


Uni3 + 50m Gas + 0.1 GWEI TX means that we can now implement market-makerish systems fully on-chain.

Example of market making on cUSD : USDC uni3 5bps pool:

  • per block, compute the cUSD : USDC price outside of Uni3 pool (via mento / other dex)
  • per block, publish BUY and SELL Uni3 extremely concentrated buy & sell position (literally concentrated to a SINGLE tick)
  • pad the Uni3 buy and sell LP positions with the appropriate profit margins (pricing the spread)
  • whenever either buy or sell LP is consumed, rebalance by swapping via Mento / other DEX to replenish the LP & realize profit
  • bonus points for doing all parts of this cycle entirely intra-block via tracing pending TX and replenishing LP by back-running the swap that consumed the LP